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As I was going across the room to grab a set of Keys for the yet un-named Jacket, my eyes glanced over a large gold plated chain to put them on. Feeling adventurous placed the chain on around the collar instead and suddenly heard these words “All Access”. Wow!!!! To myself I though, gee, like they give you at a concert or show J

Then Spirit really began embellishing it like a whirl wind† I had originally thought this was to be another ‘Awakened” type of garment. Selah †

He brought me to a box that had some jewels on hold for special things. The Lion head – Lion of Judah – and Sea Shells – hearing. The Lion goes on the Right collar cuff, for the right side is the side of authority, blessing and inheritance. The left side goes the Sea-Shells to hear first what Father is saying, then to carry it out. Hearing ear, Lion roars J The collar also represents the ‘yoke’. You are yoked to Christ/the Godhead FIRST & FOREMOST. Not your ministry, vision, job, spouse or anything. The Bridal wings on the back surprised me and then He gave understanding that it is for the one who is ready to ‘fly’ into and above † A mature Bride †

There are 4 Mother of Pearl buttons going down the front. 4 is the numeral of Heaven coming to Earth, 4 season, 4 elements, 4 regions N.E.S.W., 4 divisions of the day and importantly it is the number of 2011.


Inside the ‘right’ pocket is something He asked me to put in there as a reminder to the one who will own this. For they will walk in highest places with all access. The Keys & chain go with the garment and are meant to remain intact. Some things are meant to remain together lending energy & element one to another. We see this in nature and in relationship. You may feel ‘tempted’ to remove them. However let this reminder be present in spirit †

Glory Oil

Awakened Oil

Hadassah Oil

Romans 5:2

Eph. 2:18 & 3:12

Rev. 1:18

Matt. 16:19

Song of Song 8:13

John 5:30

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