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His Crown Jewels


Little bags that speak of who you are in the Great Stone Temple Builders Kingdom

All of these prophetic carriers have been designed during times of worship, prayer & intercession. 

Some have developed over long periods of time, while others come forth with immediate power & might. 

Some are distinctly wrought from desires of home.

 ~ They all  ~ we all ....are living stones, having our beginnings & endings in Him.

 May the tempered mortar of His love fit us together
Each one proclaims a story of truth about a life, individual, a season or kairos time through distinct design.  Additionally, they prophetically proclaim truths through numerical beading & theme work.
As you sit and examine the work of His spirit, may you enjoy the symbolism of each carrier and its uniqueness.
While some carriers have gone to owners, you may order one custom made for you...knowing the expression is yours, yet the detail is exclusive to you. Because that's the way Father makes us 


Yes..........they are all handmade

These thumbnails are fuzzy, click on them for a nicer view


Never Alone ( Martin)

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Never Alone.jpg (65488 bytes)Never AloneB.jpg (65537 bytes)


Unconditional Love

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UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.jpg (45583 bytes)

Amazing Grace

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AMAZING GRACE.jpg (53253 bytes)


Cloud By Day

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CLOUD BY DAY.jpg (55840 bytes)


Every Tribe, Nation & Tongue

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EVERY TRIBE, NATION & TONGUE.jpg (46669 bytes)


Briana's Hope

BRIANNA.jpg (60265 bytes)


Come Up Here

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COME UP HERE.jpg (45115 bytes)


Ezekiel's Wheels

ezekielswheels.jpg (51779 bytes)


Fire Bride

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FIRE BRIDE.jpg (65258 bytes)


Fire By Night ~ Brown

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FIRE BY NIGHT B.jpg (45316 bytes)


Fire By Night ~ Black

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FIRE BY NIGHT BLK.jpg (57707 bytes)



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FREEDOM.jpg (57322 bytes)


Fullness Of Joy

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FULLNESSOFJOY.jpg (87557 bytes)


HAPPINESS.jpg (51968 bytes)

Harvest Fire

HARVEST FIRE.jpg (48517 bytes)

Judah Rising

JUDAH RISING.jpg (47831 bytes)

Keeper of the Flame

KEEPER OF THE FLAME.jpg (54195 bytes)

My Deliverer Is Coming

mydeliverer.jpg (83559 bytes)

Reconciliation ~ For the First Nations People

reconciliation feather.jpg (36978 bytes)

Royal Priesthood

RoyalPreiesthood24.jpg (45081 bytes)

Refined By Fire

REFINED BY FIRE.jpg (55981 bytes)

Refined By Fire

REFINED BY FIRE ~3.jpg (50491 bytes)

Spirit of Adoption

SPIRIT OF ADOPTION.jpg (54835 bytes)

Rose of Sharon / Beauty for Ashes

ROSE OF SHARON.jpg (48026 bytes)

Sapphire Sea

s-sea resz.jpg (107751 bytes)


UNDERSTANDING.jpg (81275 bytes)

Voice in the Wilderness

VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS.jpg (46607 bytes)

Voice in the Wilderness

voice in wilderness suede.jpg (33800 bytes)

Wisdom of the Ages

WISDOM OF THE AGES.jpg (82728 bytes)

Emerald Throne

EMERALD THRONE NF.jpg (61808 bytes)

Unconditional Love

{made by a child}

UNCONDITJAS.jpg (40747 bytes)



New designs will be posted as they are released, please come back now & then.

Thanks & enjoy your visit here.

May the Lord bless your coming in & your going out.......



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By His grace,


Seamstress for the Lord


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