Another Psalm to Psalm 23



Oh Lord

My beloved...

You are the fragrance of of the Father

Who leads me and guides me

Through the fragrance of your love

My wants & desires

Are yours to have forever

I shall not want


That is not your perfect will for me

Peace stills me

As you provide for me

The ability to lie

To live

In the restful places of your being

As you lead me

I walk in fellowship with you

And all the waters of my daily life

They are calm


You keep my mind

My will

And my emotions restored

So that I may walk

The many paths

You choose for me

I will not be afraid

To go

To follow you

Through the worst, most difficult situations

For your glory

Because your love

Your great love...sustains me

Above very kind of evil

You commune with me

You are my constant companion

Your table of nourishment 

The revelation of your body

And your blood

Gives me life and is set before me

Enabling me to partake

In the midst of satan and all my enemies

So that they shall not separate me from

You or your eternal purpose in my life

Your anointing

Sweet and all consuming holy spirit

Pours himself

In me and over me

Till I am overflowing with

Your likeness

Your grace

Your mercy

Your humility

Your love

Your great great love

Till I am full

Yes full, with desire

For you and only you

Your life will manifest itself in me

As your goodness and mercy

Flow through me.....

I shall know you

As you know me

I shall

Walk in your vineyards

And dwell with you in the abode

You have created for me

In the Father

As your eternal purpose is accomplished

Throughout my life







"Glorify the Lord in the fires...."

Isaiah 24:15


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