AWAKENED ~ Bridal Top

 Feb 26, 2011

A current word for the Bride of Christ !

Song of Songs 5:2

Eph 5:14

Judges 5:12

There came a lot of 2’s with this Garment. It is cut from an extravagant wedding gown. When He spoke the Word ‘Awakened’, my heart knew what He meant. Not only for my own heart but for the corporate Bride of Christ. The body does not often reach such intimacies. Selah † The garment itself is a ‘remnant’ and is fashioned for such. Any imperfections are symbolic of our own and His beloved work continuing in us. Green & yellow trim was obtained only recently and became part of the garment. Green for new life, and yellow for awakening to it. Highly sequined and adorned with pearls. Pearls of wisdom, being called & chosen, remaining steadfast in the forming & refining.

On the back there are 11 eye hooks where the train was attached I suppose. It occurred deeply to me that this once again spoke clearly of 2011 being a year of “Awakening” for His Bride, and also the body.

To become awake or awakened means to truly be focused on the matter or object one is settled on. No longer sleeping or drowsy or dragging ones feet. But awake, alert and strong for the possession of the desire.

11 Silver bells have been attached with yellow ribbon. Ribbons speak of His promises. Yellow is also the color of victory, Son ship, delight, truth, health, and passionate pursuit. Silver speaks of redemption = the silver bells.

Vintage Art Deco Cross was bestowed to me many years ago by Beloved. He impressed it goes with the garment. However due to many different tastes, the cross is offered separately for additional $24.00.

Awakened Oil

Amber Oil

Glory Oil

** To be Awakened to the Fire of His Love and the pursuit thereof ~ at the Cost of EVERYTHING ELSE †

The Numeral 11 also brings thoughts of the Beloved in Isaiah ch. 11

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