And that is exactly what was happening to me as I was driving along with Michael ~ It was as if this huge revelation came falling over me as a bucket being poured out ~ Liberating me from worry & concern about my personal affairs & the affairs of those around me...that each and every are in control ~ absolutely~ and it is wise to Be Still and Know that you are God

And ALL things.....are in your hands †


The times & the seasons

the rising & falling

The living & dying

The blossom & wither

The working & resting

The stumbling & perfecting

The wars & nations

The floods & quaking

The sleeping & waking

The money & bills

The children & chills

Generation upon Generation

Child ~ Father ~ Man

There is only ONE God above all

And only one God who can


Be still ~ and know....that HE IS God †


Monday 5.28.07 9am



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