Bridal Intercession Coat

Joel ~ all of the book

Isaiah 61:10-11

Sewn in the style of a Matthew 11:29 Jacket/Coat †

 Which is a new style He has brought to me! Noteworthy is the reason for the Coat is because it has an actual 'yoke' sewn into the shoulder area. For many long years, generations and various denominations....mankind have placed such undo heavy burdens on the body of Christ, even His Bride. Spirits of qualifying, performance and religious mantra have all but exhausted many a good friend of Jesus. All in the name of being used for God. †Selah †

So the antidote for all this pomp? He amusingly gives a Coat.........the same one He wears. Because His desire is to do only what Father expresses, says, feels, projects or orchestrates. That is true love, honor and being 'yoked' to another. Jesus, does not allow anyone to merchandise Him, His gifts or calling. Nor does He allow anyone to place a yoke upon Him other than Papa † Jesus lives within the Father and comes out in a form that we can understand. Jesus IS God, yet He becomes the expressed image of the Father visually, as it is written † Now isn't that simple??? Be blessed and put on a Coat like your brother, King and dear friend. It's really the only yoke you need.

*The Coat/Jacket itself can be adjusted for custom fit if requested, otherwise it is made as a 'one size' generally fits all.

Dimensions :

Long ~ Collar to bottom - 33"

Arms ~ Collar to armband - 31"

Arm Width ~ 11"

Total Girth of Coat {full around} Approx. 40"

Adjustments are easily accommodated ♥

  Dyes used are the same as for the Bridal Intercession Bed Spread and are expressed here:

As  He gave wisdom on each one and the numeral 5 ~

5 = Grace   5 = 5-Fold Ministry

Black ~ For piercing the darkness.

Mid Night Blue ~ Pressing through the heavens/midnight hour & the priestly bride.

Olive Green ~ Olive for the olive oil & the anointing that breaks the yoke . Green- Life.

Burnt Orange ~ Fiery Authority /Spiritual Authority

Crimson ~ Blood of His Covenant

Cut from authentic Bridal Fabric, oil soaked and prepared for its wearer, it appears to be clovers ♣ and is somewhat transparent. This is not a draped fabric, but has a slightly settled hand to it.

His Bride prays from a place of intimacy. Not a place of ranting, scolding and rebuking. It is a place of declaration, decreeing and executing judgment on the works of evil, bondage & the like. This is our heritage and our vindication is from Him. No man, even on the earth is truly attracted to a woman who exercises her God given talents & authority like a crazy banshee. A man is attracted to a woman that knows who she is, what her place of authority is and the precision of expertise in using it † Without being bossy, controlling, seductive or manipulative. She executes those things after hearing the Heart of the matter and that from the Spirit of One in authority over her.

This is who you are IN HIM. Man or woman †

* Note ~ The Hebrew word for Bride, Kallâ is derived from a root word ~

Kêlâl ~ which literally means : to complete, make perfect †

Ladies, minister this to the man/men in your life so they embrace the wonderful place God has given them in His eternal plan.

And be blessed!!!

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