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Letters of thoughts, to you or whomever finds them here † Love ~ HIS love is the most powerful energy force that exists. It has always existed and it will always give Birth ~

How that Love is nurtured between the shared, determines the outcome in the long run. His outcome is sure as He is One with the Father †

 ♥ Oneness is the Key to everlasting Love♥

February 22, 2023


It is interesting the number 23. Have you thought about much of it? The number 23 represents the Chromosomes needed from each parent for reproduction.  46 total then yes? But here is this, when the year began unfolding had asked Him in my quiet space....are you speaking anything about this number Papa for this year? And He did reply, He most certainly IS....and shared with me that in this year, He would be proving on a Personal level for each one of us ~ Of what we are made of. " What Mettle are you? Your Tensile strength, has it been formed by MAN, PROPHETS WORDS OR HIM? And that he was going to arrange very specific situations/circumstances or the like to "prove what mettle you've been shapen by" in these times of your Life.

And please know this....Because HE LOVES YOU, He proves you, as any good Father would. So that we, in the days we are living in, would have good fruit, heavy rich fruit hanging from our limbs ~ that those who are hungry, famished and searching for spiritual satisfaction...might partake of us..........through friendship, casual passing, relationship, or however - but that the fruit that they partook of, left them KNOWING------I SAY KNOWING................that it was FRUIT not of this world.....................but of a Hidden Kingdom..................a Kingdom Coming, not with observation.....but of Power

World without End..............IN HIM.


Go on then, Take a Bite and be satisfied yet yearning for more .

Remember 23 this year and God bless †



November 29, 2022

Each of Spring, Summer ( Glorious ) and Autumn have come and passed.....Autumn could still be said to be here ~ yet with Thanksgiving behind and all the Christmas carols strumming along.....

How do we Live?

We live on the Kingdoms light foot work, it is finished you know :) Smile, its true. So many things happening are already SET IN STONE on the Great Side Walk in Heavens called " Earths  Immovable Stones"

Hell cannot change them. Prayer cannot , Angles cannot , even the Son cannot. Why did we forget the Son doesn't know the day or the hour of His return! ONLY DAD KNOWS THAT!!!


We should stop trying to save our lives.......why not rather loose them?  He said it. I've taken the long road learning how to, but then I've had ALOT stolen from me and spent far too much weeping and time trying to get it back. That when I let much flew back to me, I thought the winds of earth were only blowing towards me on one fine day!!!!!


There is something else I've noted and am very glad of. The body of Christ is finally using correct building materials. yes, that is right. Correct building materials make ALL the difference in how the framework goes. We ought to be blessing, not cursing. Calling things that are not as though they are. How's one to take a City or a Town or those who do not understand the ways of the Kingdom? No you call it into the AIR, you take back the very AIR THAT IS HOVERING over the Geo Area.........TAKE IT!!!!....Use the language of Judah!!!!! The language of God!!!! I give thanks to "Miss Evangeline"

for taking the very truth of God and writing it out in plain view. it is the very lesson God spent so much time teaching His people. Speak of your TRUST IN HIM, speak of your FAITH IN HIM, not faith in your own faith or faith words..............BUT IN FATHER...........ABBA WILL DO IT. Speak what He speaks...............our beautiful Savior did no more.........

Check your building materials, you can talk about your issues, yet in end, your trust must lay with the Father.........not your own faith in faith. †


No One loves you like Papa..........NOBODY †




April 26, 2022

It is the evening of the day, so very much has been said, promised and pointed at †

As the last of the song birds sing at the tree tops, I can still hear my soul say thus :


Whoever you are, if you found yourself here quite by chance ( no) then know this, You belong to a Mighty Warrior King and though it might appear He is aged and forgetful, please do not presume such to be true.

He has NOT forgotten YOU and HIS word to you this very writing :

" Tell them for me...............I miss him/her. "

♥ There's your sign ♥


February 15, 2022

Can you feel it?

Has it HIT  you yet?? The Longing of the Bridegroom for HIS BELOVED to truly KNOW her calling???? The sick, lost, wounded, hungry, wandering, empty eyes, orphans, widowed, hopeless, helpless

Oh My Savior!!!!!! The BATTLE IS YOURS and we are your hands, heart and feet....please help us to look no further then our own backyard to give love, help, hope, encouragement.

Weather it be a youngin, an olden, a birdie, or a fox ~ maybe a homeless cat or person ~ Stretch out your hand and heart to HELP!!!!!

We ourselves need healing from all the HYPE the false narrative has fed us!!!!!

Come sweet Lord...............we await thee.

Come and remind us of the Way† † †


September 16, 2021 †


A Sacred Season of Reflection ~ The word and literal  intention of 'Sacred" has been in my heart for awhile now. Of course the spirit within as well. The Spirit and the Bride Say "Come'! ...and yet....we are so divided about His Coming. How can this be?

Because her eyes are divided †

Yes, painful as it is to type it, is to hear it. 'It" being THE TRUTH.

His Bride is truly being called to His chambers, yet she insists on looking at just 1 more news flash, social media blurb, or worse joining in the judgment of the corrupt. She still does not know Her Place or Her Space.

How this hurts His heart!!!!

Sadly, many are being led, by seemingly anointed brethren who constantly eat from the Trees of News Media ( false Prophets) and promote the sharing of the latest. Some of it is good. BUT IT IS A MIXTURE!!!!

You were not meant to eat from a Mixture...............but a pure Fountain. Most ppl............have not learned how to cultivate time alone with Him.

Please remember the Holy Spirit does not point at all these carnal things. He points to the Father and the revealing of the Fathers Heart.

The Kingdome does not come by OBSERVATION......................IT IS WITHIN YOU †

And where the Kingdom within is not being tended too......there is neither light nor truth. Only a Pale reflection of what once was before subtle pride took over and brought the eyes to a downward spiral.

We have been taught to look up continually!!!!!

What a LIE is being peddled paying so much attention to all of it!!!

Don't you realize HE COULD move His pinky and an entire planet would veer off course?????

He is seeking those who are His Alone..........

Oh it must bother you to have to pass someone by.....because they are distracted by the Grand Scheme of your enemy to do just that.

DISTRACTION † The cost is eternal †


***My Lord and King, no word of this is my have stunned me with your choice of writing, may ears to Hear be gifted to anyone reading***



1.21.21      HOLD ON!!!!! I'M COMIN!!!!!!! Blues Brothers ~ and Yeshua♥ 


10.20.20 † Been awhile.....Selah † Have not said much due to others saying so much did not want to speak unless truly being requested to do so. This little Bride prays you are well and far from fear. perfect Love casts out fear. Please allow this Word of encouragement ~ There is nothing more important than making your friendship known to Him. There is no greater nor more important "thing"  to be doing in this season. Yes, if you've become busy with life, that can be a task, yet He asks only for your Focus. You CAN multi-Focus. I know you can......that is to say, though you may not be able to spend copious amounts of time with can by the Spirit.....keep Him in front of your eyes, keep Him on your wrists when going & doing, keep Him at your hips as you thrust forward thru the day into the night. isn't this the reason He requested His chosen people to wear reminders on the arms, the forehead and the waist????? he knows we are so fallible!!!!! How easily we get caught up!!!! And He a visual of Me in spaces/places that you will frequently see and be prompted to say " My are with me...and I am with you "

What greater gift can be given????? And the wholly beautiful  outcome is that you are led............every step of the way......How does that beloved song go???"All of the wayyyyy my Savior leads me.....what have I to ask beside?? Shall I doubt His faithful mercies.. who through life have been my guide.....Heavenly peace......Devi nest comfort.......all by faith in Him to dwell..............for I knowwwww what ever fall me......JESUS DOETH ALL THINGS WELL † and all the way My Savior leads me , oh the fullness of His love.....blessed Rest for me is my Fathers house above...and when my Spirit clothed immortal.....sings it flight to realms of His days........this my song...this my journey.......Jesus Led Me All The Way.... †

Don't worry so much about what might come or what might be........if tho would be Close to Him in Spirit......His friend.......Be assured He will keep you in His need to know basis. That is His Promise.

And do stop listening to so much outside noises.....yappings and the like......have a sit in Nature and let thy soul be stilled once again † Thy God IS IN CONTROL ~ oh yes......He Is. †

3.3.2019 † It's been awhile.......yet, through that 'while' - He has been ever constant and always pointing to the Father♥ Something my heart wants to share about. As we seem to be drifting further away from that very Truth.....and a type of 'self' is creeping in. Not talking about the whole internet media nonsense of 'self and


'. May I say that even with the finest 5 fold ministries.......we are walking a tightrope with teachings. IMHO † See Jesus always pointed to the Father......He made it very clear He was only interested - on a daily basis - in doing what the Father was doing. Seems to me He went away often..... to quietness to hear-see what Papa was intending about.....His heartbeat..for the next day, hours or walk. Wouldn't you think? Shouldn't we be more studying the Man Yeshua.....more and more. Instead of studying other manner of 'things/people'. Healthy balance, amen? But even more so because when you study the Man begin to really get the .......heart of God. Because they are One †

And we ought to be One ~ with them.

Teaching is Good. Examining topics is better...but the Best............that we can offer ourselves for growth and for pruning.......Is studying the Man Jesus.

How many of us...........really remember that He taught us : Do not resist an evil person?  In a fellowship recently....during worship, a stranger came in, sat down and then left after a period of time. Quite a few people commented during a time of sharing...... that they had an eerie  sense about that person and were on guard. One woman stood up and staunchly stated "I felt the same witness and in case anyone doesn't know- I have a permit to carry and do so."

My heart sank †

Shoot Um! this what we've learned after all this time????.............and she is a long saved woman, used to be on the worship team.


In my where............can I recall The Beloved telling or instructing His disciples............'if they don't receive you, swish the dust off your feet and shoot them dead, well there were no guns then were there???.....ok, Spear them!

Sad :(

We want to save ourselves don't we?

We're truly afraid to loose our lives?

We've got Him all boxed up ------ He can only work through a nice service.

What about Joseph?  Did he clobber his brothers in the revealing of himself?????

........that's a huge story.......with the message of the Gospel right in the middle of it †

What's becoming of us.............that we cannot seem to find the Path ----- Between the Stable and the Cross©

yes......that's a copyright, right there.....because a little book is coming by that name......

As far as my life is concerned...that is the only......ONLY path He's given me to follow.

may I do so M'Lord and Great Love..........that it should be pleasing to you ♥

Selah †


New posts will be top of page †

7.24.2017 † Deep sigh of contentment :)  Gosh that IS certainly a prophetic date isn't it? My last entry was so silly had thought to' undo' it in case any one passed me off as to silly or childish. Then holy spirit reminded me : To whom do you belong? My reply : Abba Father †  Holy spirit smiled and then said " To whom do  you concern your behavior towards?" My reply : Abba Father :) Holy spirit then tipped head a little bit and said ""What pleases Papa the most???" My reply ( guessing ) : " The gentle joy of a child-like heart?" Holy spirit replied exploding with glee: " Yes, yes my dear daughter, this is the truth - be your self, be loved and be free ~ There is nothing more that is pleasing to the Father."  And so my last entry will remain!!! Ha-ha:) So ...He's really been leading me on a path of "rest"....THE VINE supplies ALL the branches  need † He is the Vine, we are the branches. Do you see branches striving??? Toiling???? Drumming up monies??? Do you???  Well then, take a lesson from nature and go study a Vine......and note the and me. A branch is strongly attached to the main  Vine by it's stem. Don't ever let your stem become severed from the Vine † Watch those friendships, the yokes with things/circumstances - you're not to be yoked to anything but Jesus!!!! Even your ministry is not to be a yoke...folks if it's heavy, it's not Him . Nope. His yoke is easy and His burden is Light. Light with a double meaning. Very important to be yoked with the Vine and nothing else. Be One with Him. One-ness is a Kingdom vibration ♥ In heaven - home- there is one-ness-complete. Nothing is out of order  or  helter-skelter-hibby-jibby. All movements, rhythms and even the atmosphere is vibrant with Fathers Love♥ colors fragrances and sounds all blend into One-ness. When you tap into this -while on earth - you can be in the world, but not of it. Takes some practice, but if you get your stem strong on the'll see, it begins to come naturally or well >>>> Supernaturally!:)Peace peace and great Love from Papa ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥



8.22.2016 †  Holy Holy Holy!!!! The Lord God Almighty ~ moved me down to the River.....and I could really write a book about it ♥♥♥♥ Yet for  the sake of time and need to get to bed.....will not. At least not now! There IS a book inside me though †  2 very great things learned in this transition: Humility &  not leaning on own understanding or thoughts about how it should go.....probably 10  more things, but ...that  pillow is calling!!!! He moved me.............from the  the river. Literally had an 'exodus'...and had to cross the river to move. it's been incredible....HE IS INCREDIBLE †  and He wants to be thee source for everything,♥ every need, ,♥every woe, ,♥every thing,♥....and there is a Rest ,♥♥♥in that which will blow all your mind cobwebs into a knot and then roll them out your ear and down the driveway.......Too funny!........How about that old song we sang as kids???? "I lost my poor cob-webs...........they rolled down on the floor.............and then my old mind-cobwebs.......they rolled out the door...........they rolled down the driveway.........and into a bush.........and now my old mind cob webs....are stuck away from me!!! like mush!!!!! So when your mind gets cobwebs.......Remember one thingggggggg !!!! That Papa will meet EVERY need................if you'll just worship & sing !!!!!  Hahaaaa..........hey somebody.............I say THUMBODY needed to laugh :)

I think it's time for bed :)  glass of milk  please † in my new house..............1st new home :)

Who loves you????  BIG PAPA GOD DOES!!!!!

6.26.2015 ~ Remember.......and never ever forget...............His Kingdom IS NOT of this World.......this is NOT your home, your government, your court or your space. You are a spirit being, having a temporary experience in a body of flesh. So do not be so irritated when things go awry in the commonalities of humanity. Be gentle as doves and wise as serpents...........for you know that God will judge the living and the dead, and all things done in the body. Most of the times, we get agitated because the changes that come are bringing forth the strong dislike of: purity, truth, death to self and the life we are called to represent. Yet, we are not to hate in return, and do not mock or scoff!!!!.......For what do you have or what have you become... that is not the work of His spirit? Hum?    So be careful in these last days......shine from within.....those looking for His light will see the beacon in your eyes, the lighthouse in your soul.....and most of like your Father......bless those who curse you ....for your reward is IN HEAVEN......................not here † God loves them too........but He cannot and will not change eternal laws. He is God....He changes not.....and His LOVE.....never fails.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥So Love......and pray without ceasing †...and don't forget to've got real estate waiting for you :) Nice stuff I hear!!!!

2.23.2015 ~ Good ever to you....yes, you read it correctly ♥........Lost a dear dear unspeakably dear friend recently.......matter of fact, it is the friend spoken of in the last entry. He truly encountered heart of being led into quiet activity so his departure would not be corrupted by earthly activities. The wall hanging actually shows the prophetic story of him being called home. My mind is boggled at how Papa does these spiritual eyes did not see that initially, for he departed Jan 23rd.....and we did actually see other things in there, but not his departure. Now it clearly tells the story of his being called home and the Lion of Judah comes for him...this is all in the hanging. My reason for explaining this to you, for it must sound a bit jumbly, is to say once again.....we do NOT know His ways...........nor His thoughts as much as we think we do....For my friend.............going home to Zion was his ultimate encounter with Gods heart..........and I can tell you, this man knew pain and heartache. It must be outrageous to be home for him............♥†   And........we see allot................ALLOT............of people are being called home in 2015....staggering amount.......some very very unexpectedly. There must be a true shift going on here..........some of the patriarchs, we wonder, who will replace them???? But I tell you..........those hiding in caves being raised up.....those hidden away in secret intimacy......those being trained only by His spirit....are going to be the next rank in place. Let us pray earnestly for them............for the ranks of evil have shifted as well...........nothing much new under that note eh? We can always know what God is doing even if we've had our head in the sand. Because the enemy is always doing a carbon copy counterfeit.

So yes........HIS HEART is coming forth.......those that are going home are appointed for such............and those that are about to come forth..........are appointed for such as not judge them. They have been raised in the outskirts without all the hype and comforts of the rest of us...........

My heart and spirit will miss my friend more than words can say.....we had something of a special relationship......both wanting more but both terrified if it wouldn't have worked hey................we have eternity♥  Cover yourselves with Psalm 91............and walk with humility and wisdom.....these 2 companions will keep you safe..........God bless†


1.01.2015 ~ New Years your heart and your life♥ Had to slide into the chair here and write what's transpired here my humble little forest cottage, that we'd both be enlightened with  understanding & excitement!.......This will be the year of "Encountering the Heart of God" Wow!.....yes, it is going to be a whirlwind year yet...HE is in the whirlwind ~ and the clouds are the dust of His feet. Nahum 1:3 

 So what He is showing here tonight as a cloth for a dear friend was commissioned by actually a word - a theme, if you will - for this unfolding year. And that on the first day of the year of 2015. You know in some numerical books He's given to use in creativity, 15 is a number of rest. Quite a few 'rest' days for Israel were on the 15th of certain months. 5 is definitely the number of Grace and  Don Kistler - notes that the sum of 1 - 5 added together is 15! * His book-  The Arithmetic of God* Grace & Rest - Yippee!

On with the evenings the cloth was being dyed.........and direction given about certain aspects of it....this name was given for it...and being as there were dyes left over........thought to  make a 2nd one, to keep or bless away....and you know it really began to become pressed into my spirit, that this is what we will be experiencing this year. Also because it is a Schmetah year.....a year of Rest, Restoration, Repairing. Yet for some....encountering God's heart could be painful...for those who have been rebelling or resisting ( and I mean that in the most awful of terms, not for stumblers)  Or for those who have been into sloppy grace - correction might come unexpectedly in ways not felt before.  I do sense that in this encountering ~ there is going to be a real separating line......between the chastened and the pleasurable encounters.   You see, God's heart is LOVE yet it is also Just and truly the most sacred of any Father. He is a well rounded Dad!!! And this is ......His story. Encountering His heart.....will be different for each one. I wish that for each ~  the encounter ~ is of the utmost pleasure. You know yourself, when you are in a loving relationship there are many facets to  your lovers heart. You get to 'know' them. It is the same with God . For some it might be.....ouch......discipline. So we know this.....that discipline is actually because we are Loved♥ Anyhows.... we are going to encounter God's Heart......oh truth of the ageless One be told!!!!!! and forgive us for we have utterly failed in representing you Papa......but you are coming to rescue and reveal.....what you've wanted us to know all along. That being pure is Good...following your Sons' example is Right and facing the ridicule of the world to set ourselves apart for you really does bring lasting Peace....after the big 'ouch' :)  I love you Papa and eagerly await whatever it is you want to bring me - because I will be for my good♥♥♥ Happy New Year  to all beloved ~ Papa loves you so much.


Lastly, many times I would come to re-read the last post ( cause it was strong you know?)...wondering - concerned that it had a twinge of 'hurt' to it or worse- unforgiveness with a cloke...arghhhh!  yet after praying and knowing inside my heart what is really being said...have left it 'as is' because it is true and was not spoken out of hurt only bewilderment. We are not becoming a kingdom according to many different blue-prints, but of Heavens. There is only one set and He has them. They will be executed according to the plan. His plan. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life♥



10.14.2014 † is the time of Tabernacle and the year has wrought much change.........some of it, unfolding so quickly it is becoming obvious that some...........virgins.........brides..........have little oil in their lamps. Many shockingly are not holding lamps any longer! Stunning.........and horribly sad. It is the beginning of cold love ~ selective love..... in the midst of gross darkness closing in quickly. May  your own tended to....(thank you My Beloved for I will not even take credit for my own) † In sorrow and  genuine spirit has watched as those whose oil were tainted and offered correction...........drifted away or just break off relationship. There is danger in the sloppy grace that is seeping thru the body. There is danger in compromising His Standard.  Oil that has been tainted....does not burn clean............nor does it burn well......sputtering.....smoking.....† My spirit has watched those who were in covenant found reason to say within themselves......" God is not doing this between us any was just for a season...." Prod-poking is like that you know. Real relationship.... Is Not. That is not the kind of relationship Abba has shown me......nor the kind that is with the Beloved. How shall they breeze by you in eternity???? Awkwardly? Try to side step on that golden path towards the throne pretending they did not see you???? LOVE. The path  to narrow ( not self seeking) The cost is .....everything.....(it's not about you) The fellowship ~ surer than the sunrise...Covenant is meant to be unbreakable.  It is stop grandstanding about what we are 'doing' for the is all the holy spirit anyway.........and return to the holy place...........apart from the world....apart from the great compromise....face the backlash that will come......There is a higher road to be will cut your hands climbing the rough places to ascend to it....but when you reach the crest of the the Highway of will find............the road less traveled is brighter and cleaner.......with many many sincere and pure-sacred heart brethren.............May it be called the Pure & Sacred of Heart pathway♥♥♥♥♥♥♥and you Will find rest for your soul.....Because the King Himself is found traveling there encouraging all who have made the hard journey to be on it † Isaiah 35

Prayer for you to return to the One...fully...who gave His blood, whippings and that you stand before our most Holy Father..................blameless and inherit all the Son shares with Him..........foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr†



2.15.2014 †♥♥♥...this entry has been moved from the 'home' page to here, so if you've read it there already, this would not be a 'new' entry for you! Yet because it is so valuable to me and others, a truth one needs to secure.

unconditionally loved

12.8.2013 †... on True Peace     And as it is growing darker the days......spiritually & naturally.....I find my life is spent more often in His close company and less 'in the world'. So many folks that contact me from time to time are distraught or cannot seem to lay a finger on 'what's wrong with' their life. They cannot seem to locate the resting place within. THE RESTING PLACE WITHIN. I repeated it.......♥ because "it" is ♥ in there. If you are born again by His Spirit, that resting place IS inside you. It is Him...... inside Him.

Shrink yourself and crawl in there....and then push Him out in front of you Big.(I play this picture in my own mind when things get too heavy) It's utterly safe I promise!!! and very cozy......

       While discovering this in my own life, the answer did not come forth quickly or without great pain. It came from constantly resisting, better said, questioning..... the counsel and advice of well meaning mentors, friends & co-laborers who sought to overly suggested that I needed, very much needed, to get out of the secret place I have been in for quite some time.

       When most went inability or perhaps it seemed like defiance? to take advise to : move into a town, get off the mountain, come out of the woods, get out of the garden, get healed already, make it happen, most often " get over it" heart re-found the gaze of the One cultivated for many years, but had become distracted with it all. Maybe 're-found' is not quite the right word . Maybe gaze fully turned back towards Him in heartbrokenness when 'all that'-n- them' faded dim and went away. Leaving me staring at the only one left standing. IT WAS HIM! and HE WAS SMILING:) When it all dimmed down~ something came forth that was unexpected. An overwhelming being  of Peace deep deep inside me. Peace from knowing that way inside......the spirit leading me was not my own all along, nor was it rebellious, nor was it stubborn, nor was it crippled. It was His holy spirit. 

       Peace came too because I was walking right into the call that He had for me all along. His call to Intimacy...with Him. Total intimacy. Maybe it's because I am so broken and probably wouldn't be able to function in a high profile setting. My heart finds brokenness a blessing. More often than not, brokenness brings compassion for those who have never known any or have never had any for others. My hearts brokenness is akin to my Beloveds. He was broken every single day of His short life on earth. Yes, He was. Jesus was NOT whole. But He was wholly the Fathers. And He sought nothing more than to offer His broken will to the Father every moment. The man through whom all judgment will be meted out offers His heart daily to the Father in prayer and intercession, even for those who continue to curse Him and deny Him. I think that is divine brokenness. Each time you or I follow something, someone or someplace we think will bring us peace or contentment.....He is broken.

I have found my peace.........and am thankful He helped me loose my life to gain it......may I never be tempted to trade it for some illusion.

Matthew 16:25

and from my most favorite.....

"Well, I - I think that it - it wasn't enough to just want to see Uncle Henry and Auntie Me - and it's that - if I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn't there, I never really lost it to begin with! Is that right? "                         The Wizard of Oz - Dorothy on finding her hearts desire in the end.....♥

Jesus, my beloved friend who has never left me nor forsaken are my home and my these my brothers & sisters to find their 'home' in you....whether it's on the front lines in high profiles or hidden places of prayer ~ to not follow another nor heed advice that does not witness, but to follow You.....and you alone †

"Lord we've left all to follow you".....Mark 10:28

Matthew 11:29.................if it's's not Him†♥

     Hey..............Marry Christmas you :)  and bless your New Year...........prayin for ya!



5.29.13 †   Just been thinking about the 'yoke' that He speaks He says ".....and my burden is light......." Matthew 11:28-29 † and you know, I've most often thought of that as 'light' not heavy. But what if he was actually talking about.......'His burden is LIGHT....." as in Light rather than Dark????? As in.....My burden is to bring you some Light......Hey, how about some light in your dark corner over there???? Just let me walk near you and bring some light. What if your walk was solely like that?    " Joanna, just get up each day and be a light. Light over here, Light over there......just let me turn your lamp on when you get up by meeting with Me before the day. And then as we go about a simple life, you can have my burden too.......cause my yoke is easy & my burden is Light. Let's simply BE a light, a lamp, a warm burning ember in a dark and diming world. Because until My glory invades the earth, that's truly all you can do know, Apart from Me, you can do nothing ." †      Ah, blessed thought!!!!! My burden Light♥


5.24.13 †     Ah ~ * gentle pause*.....where to begin?...... What to say?............... Yes yes, of course ~ say what is in the heart for it has been told - 'out of the mouth, the heart speaks' . This is in my heart to speak today † If perchance you have found your way here on holy spirit wind, then may it confirm what you have already heard in the quiet places . For this scribe is not here to lead, direct or gather followers † We live and move by the spirit of God. We write & pen by the spirit too ~ Creating is not a driven force... it is a cultivated motion that is released when exhaling ~  from an intimate inhale ♥  Cultivated does not mean the same as a gardener would express, there is no effort when releasing a motion born of union between 2 intimate beings. It simply happens as a result of the union. Love gives birth.....whether it is being observed ~ or not† and never the same way twice.

♥ Selah

Much movement is ongoing in the body at this time, in eternity ~ Yes, we are in eternity already. Eternity has always existed and so have you. Only your form and place of residing has altered according to the 'now' you are in.  We formerly existed inside the Father, as have ALL things since before they were outwardly created † So if that brings clarity to the expression in the first sentence, let the script continue♥

Along with that mentioned movement, there is also a great deal of 'dealings' being dealt out. Hah! Over-use of a word on ones own web site is allowed! Freedom is the portion of Papa's own :)   But honestly, there seems to be a lot of dealings going on in the lives of those who are in the circle of my life. Some call it the devil and battle like a billy-goat to get out. Some are online constantly trying to find answers, prophetic words and spiritual friendship † Some.....are hearing the call to 'rest' from ministry and ministry works. To come into the bridal chamber or at best, begin to make one. Beloved...... have you a special place to meet with the One who desires your company? It does not have to be fancy. No no no....please do not get into that bondage. Let the truth be spoken, IF all you had was a cardboard box and a candle ~ do you realize that His heart is smitten the moment He knows your about invite Him in??? Oh yes, He is♥ You are forgetting this is the One who came by way of manger,  slept on the occasional rock, had stars for night-lights, was fond of napping in a lil boat, had dinner outdoors regularly, rode a donkey into town ( not a Bentley ) for His 'home-coming' .....Honey, do I need to go on??? * smiling at you*

♥He is looking at your heart♥

The desperate cry for companionship and the weak yet sincere effort is enough to send Him reeling towards you † Oh yes it is† This writer has a life of stumbling and faltering proof to back up saying that. His love and pursuance has blown away my cobwebbed mind and captured my heart, daily continuing to do so.

So what is in my heart to say tonight is this : Yes......thee most important thing you can do right now is to make your relationship with God the Father, Son & Spirit the most important matter in your life. Above all † No matter what † He will take care of the things that fall, fall away, fall aside. Because nothing is more important than seeking the Kingdom first. Please don't do it by following someone. Follow His lead, moment by moment. Take off all the yokes. Be yoked only to the Holy Spirit, who reveals Jesus to you, who unveils the Father  and the Fathers heart ♥

Do you feel that someone's heart is worth investing time and devotion to, so that they will unveil it to you † ?

That is how the Father relates to us as has taken many many years to grow in an intimate manner with the Beautiful One......there has been a price, a cost. It is not cheap, quick or flouncy †

It is the way of the Cross. Lay down your life. Lay it down, so that he may help you pick it up again. Inside Him †

There is too much of the world  in our many of the things we embrace here have nothing to do with eternity or daily eternal living. Just because we are in this spance of time, does not mean we cannot embrace the Kingdom that exists  outside this realm. It is possible. But its going to take laying aside a lot of 'stuff'. is worth it.

Yes, He is asking for more of your time.

Yes, Papa is trying to teach you deeper trust without having you rattle like an old window in a windstorm.

Yes......sometimes the tools He allows to be used are uncommon and not spoken of much in the teachings of today.

Scratch your head not your ears † If your ears are itching, then we must get the junk out † If your head is itching, it's because a truth that had once been firmly planted in your spirit  is wiggling trying to find it's neuron attachment to remain seated in the permanence of your thoughts †

Yes, the cross is still the way, the best way and the sure way. We have a leader who has gone before us  setting the pattern.

Study Him and His manner. Learn of Him who is meek and lowly of Heart.....and you will ~ find rest for your soul ♥

Because though He is now glorified and majestically the King, He is still those things.

 He is the same yesterday, today and forever. His character has not changed.

He is STILL meek.

If He wasn't we all would be .......gone.

 He is the expressed image and likeness of His Father. So Papa is like that too!!! My my my, so is the Holy Spirit :) and  holy spirit is the one who teaches us to be likewise ~ or to be correctly spoken.....should the one.

Such unspeakably nice beings who desire us♥

He is going to deliver the Kingdom to the Father unfailingly †

So come ~

Come away from the popularity, the platforms, the titles and the merchandising ~

Go low ~ †

Behold the One who desires your companionship.....

Is there anything else to compare?....

Just come †

Cardboard box and candle♥


peace peace ~




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