The Bunny & The Snail


Said the bunny to the snail - within the hidden blades of grass

you and I are from One creator - let us be friends on this life path

Said the snail to the bunny - coming a bit out of his shell

 stammering..but-but...your different than me, why should I trust you? how can I tell?

Said the bunny to the he hopped almost too near - putting up his paw ~

Feel my furry chest - Abba's heart beats in here ♥

Said the grass & flowers listening intently...

'you can trust all amongst Gods locked garden, for we only love full & free'  

Now and then He himself will come forth and appear

but most times He manifests through all he's created

Holding all & each very dear

 So they sang a song of adoration

filling the entire atmosphere

Oh God our Father

Thank you for meeting us in this way and within your

 locked garden of love

so pure & purely  clear ♥


 about finding Gods heart thru creation......He really is committed to His creation....all and each touches me deeply every time





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