Called out of Darkness

$150.00 1 Peter 2:9 Private Collection

One of a Kind























All hand sewn with Silver thread dipped in anointing oil.

 Silver represents redemption.

White for purity.

Beads for every step taken. He knows each one.

Antique lace for Ancient of Days knowing the number of our days.

Right Arm, Right Standing.


 Personal Embellished Jacket

This Jacket is my testimony just as much as it is yours. We have all been called out of some form of former darkness. Even if we had grown up & simply lived a decent life, Gods' Word states that we all walked in darkness before coming into His marvelous light.

My personal life was scarred through sexual abuse at a young age. Transformation into self destruction became natural to me because of shame, abandonment & rejection. Drugs & moral decay soon loomed darkly over all aspects of my life which began to rule them. On many occasions my life was spared by a power greater than self , yet I did not know Him. Not like I know Him now. He was a religious form to me. A God of Love, but only if I deserved it. If I behaved right. If I was nice.....good.....proper......went to church...looked like everyone in church....acted like everyone in .............~

And because I could never be any of those & was severely far from them,  made it all the more devastating. Because I DID believe in the Father, Son & Holy Ghost, wanted His love & blessings..... I just didn't know how to be sure He loved me ~ Or if He even could.  Real love & acceptance was something I wanted very very badly. Not to mention, purity.

Learning, becoming settled & established that He loves me, has been one of my life's greatest blessings. No, make that the greatest one. Yes. Because if I am not sure that He loves me, all the time, no matter what ~ then I am still in darkness. Darkness is beheld in the mind, first, before it is ever beheld in an actual lifestyle. A mindset is what creates the very frame of the atmosphere around you. Your mind will convince your heart, what it believes to be truth. So take God at His Word. HE IS, the only one whose word is worthy of being absolute truth. And His truth is Light, Life & Love.

This Jacket holds a very precious part of my wedding dress. The right arm of my dress has been cut open & turned into the wing decorum on the back as the Spirit lay it out while placing it there. A beautiful beaded part of that same arm is covering my wrist, prophetically declaring : "When I accepted His finished work, then taking His hand as His bride, I came fully out of darkness & into the Light."

If you would like a jacket of this type and can provide one, I would be delighted to embellish it for you. If you would like to use your own gown as well, that would be exquisite!

Likewise if you have no jacket or dress, the Lord will provide both! Your jacket will be prayerfully embellished exclusively for you.

Papa has guided me through 2 failed marriages, both abusive on different levels. My dress has been cut up & used as an offering to the Bride that her marriage to our Bridegroom King  far supersedes anything we could have hoped for on earth.

Even so, Come Lord Jesus † I love you My Ishi ~

$150.00 ~ Your jacket & dress supplied.

$180.00 ~ Jacket & embellishments supplied for you.


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