Cloud By Day / Fire by Night

 $124.00  Tabernacle Garment
~ {A Tabernacle garment is one which represents the New Jerusalem, a perfect square. Did you know Daddy is a fine mathmatician??? Oh yes!  So these garments are an offering in name, to those who will make up and fill the beautiful city.}~

Ah, yet another personal & corporate season of life!! Are you being led by the Spirit of God? Or the spirit of man? How shall we be fed then? How shall we have faith? But we shall have faith in God.
Whom has He failed?
Whose deliverer is He?
Are there any who call upon Him that He disregards?
In my own life this season is upon me and has been for a few years. Recalling well the dawn at 4am 3 years ago, when the still small voice spoke to me "Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord." Deep sorrow, entrapment, pain & suffering were upon me. This day at this writing, my Moses has appeared, raised His rod and parted my red fact, the Jordan stands before me now as it does for all of us......How shall we conquer the giants in the land so we may live off the fat of it?
By faith and by hearing the voice of our own personal Jehovah Sabaoth.
He will not fail.
Stand still......till the cloud and pillar guide. Then you shall know real victory.

A perfect square of 30 x 30" Sueded Silk Charmuese ~ the Rolls Royce of silks ~ very soft & supple with a beautiful drape. Fashioned for either male or female. All hand dyed & worked.
Tie in front as well as sides or wear open & free. 12" fringe all around.

this one is released!
made by request ~

Bless you ~

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