Nahum 1:3

How would you like to be able wrap yourself in a pure white puffy cloud as a garment........or step upon one...grabbing the invisible reigns and command it to ride you where ever you bid it to go?
This is our God..........who does not guide us from the pulpit of a building nor lead us dangling a wallet full of promises if we would just 'give'.
He wants a people who will 'yield'. And yeilded-ness is hard for us because we are not accustomed to following a cloud that stops & goes to the strangest places nor a fire that halts and burns up our chaff before we move on.
Do not be afraid of the is where He removes the 'religion' and replaces it with 'relationship'. It's where we learn to trust again.
Beautiful natural stone in shades of white, pink & gray hues...surrounded by white, iridescent & silver Miyuki beads, all hand sewn. Bottom hand-beaded white & clear glass beads finished with multi-faceted Swarovski Crystals.
20" Neck chain hand-beaded in white, clear, antique & crystal beads
Satin lined, top is open with no closure.

 By Request - $50.00 + tax & ship



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