Ah, to be home while yet walking this earthly home. Lots of folks are taking trips beyond the sky without buying an airline ticket! Our heavenly Father is so kind and loving to graciously give us glimpses of 'home'. We are blessed by our brothers and sisters who report back to us!!! Father keep sending us your love letters from home..........we cannot wait to be with you forever...........XOX.
Heavenly Blue natural stone with deep inset of white cloud in center...surrounded thin lines of white. He made this stone & He IS awesome! It sits on deep blue velveteen surrounded by 2 rows of blue Miyuki beads. (the stone sits 'high' on the carrier)
Bottom is finished in 3 lengths of Miyuki glass beads with antique crystals to finish.
Neck chain is 20" made of 3mm Habotai Silk fastened with Miyuki iridescent beads.
Opening has a snap closure
Inside is satin lined, blue.
3.5 x 4" is size of carrier

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$40.00 +tax & ship

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