Ever Bloom


Sometimes flowers

Occasional weed

Stones for stepping

In my garden

Where we meet

Morning glories

Blue hued graces

Orange tiger lilies

Pretense dotted faces

Secrets kept

Secrets told

4 Seasons of Love

In my garden

Locked garden 

~ Of old ~

Sit with me now

As you've sat 

With me then

 My Ever blooming flower

My Eternal Friend


* I love you my Lord Jesus, my Ishi, my closest freind*


Without Cover

Stay my heart

In whirlwind circumstance

Chances upon chances

None have been romance

But for Kingdom purpose

Rather than mine own precious need

Thou hast kept me locked

A private fountain

~ Indeed ~

Come drink then


Let me see your face 

Without cover

Come closer my Maker

Be my souls

Only Lover


Sat. 10.06.07 

9 - 10am



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