The Face of Wisdom


If Wisdom had a face

it would see through doves eyes

If Wisdom was a heart

it would be deep & wide

If Wisdom had a name

it would most likely be Truth

If Wisdom was found clothed

it would be fine linen

or pure wool

If Wisdom was a child

it would be fair of face

If Wisdom was older

it would be full of Grace

If Wisdom wore a badge

or encamped along certain sieges

It would be fitly set, purposed & not governed by mans reason

If Wisdom was a friend

it would be Faithful & True

If Wisdom was a color

it would be red, yellow or blue

If Wisdom was a day in time

it could be almost any

For the image of 

Ancient Wisdom

has been etched

by Gods hand





1:30pm @ Federal Courthouse



***Dedicated to the incident and the lives of all who were affected @ Virginia Tech ~ 4/2007***


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