Song Of Solomon 8:6

All hand dyed & hand tied †
Deep red, orange, black, purple, pink all blended into a fiery ensemble of being consumed by His Love! There is NO greater nor more desirable....Some will very sadly never know it, because there is a price to be paid for this kind of consummation ~ It is the price of leaving all, forsaking all, when you hear His voice beckoning dear friend, make haste!!!! You will not be disappointed and will never be the same † And neither will those whom you minister to...........


A very nice drape to this fabric ~ Sueded Silk Charmeuse!!! Buttery soft on one side and gentle crinkle on the other. There are slits, 12" opening, for the arms to slip through so that one can wear it without it falling off. The overhang around the shoulders leaves enough for it to be taken over the head nicely as you would a prayer covering.

Measures approx. 37" across & 45" length with 12" fringe on either side.

Price : $148.00 

**Garment is SOLD ~ 1/22/09**

Bless you ~

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