Has been known to encamp around things and keep out intruders ~ even firefighters. It also has the uncanny ability to keep things 'in'....Fire in all of its a purifying agent, for whatever is burnable will burn and whatever is consumable will be consumed. There IS a difference in being burned or consumed.
This child of the one true living God, is grateful for the fires that have kept me by night, so I did not move into the camp of the enemy who is ever lurking to steal, kill & destroy. When I cannot know the plans to destroy me, Lord.......lead me with your fire by night, so that my heart will learn to yield to your leading. Help me to be still and know that you are God..........even in the dark of the spiritual nights of my life.
Earth brown velveteen holds 'fire' colored Brazilian agate stone surrounded by amber shaded gemstone chips.
Bottom carries 7 rows in gold, yellow & aurora finish asst. glass beads.
Top edged with honey colored seed beads.
19" neck chain in multi-colors of gold, red, amber, honey, yellow & brown glass beads.
All hand-beaded.
Lined in orange satin, top has 1 snap to close.
3.5 x 4" approx. size

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