PSALM 16:11

The presence of the Lord is unspeakably consuming, one cannot truly think on anything else when "in" His presence. It is a place of spiritual ecstasy that will not be duplicated through another avenue. Nor would one want to, once truly experiencing it.
Lord.....in your presence, is the very breath of life, everything we need is at your feet. Help us Lord, to yearn for your presence that we may be complete IN YOUR FULLNESS according to Colossians 2:9.
Very Pink velveteen boasts a large pale yellow stone that is naturally enhanced with a rainbow in it!!! Multi-colored glass beads adorn the outside in freeform size...some crystals & Swarovski beads. The bottom dances in 6" flapper fringe with every move:) Top edged in gold-iridescent trim. With a generous 20" neck chain full of color and different sized/type beads.
Lined with satin, deep pink.
ALL hand-beaded
5 x 4" size

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