Isaiah ~ all of chapter 9

Matthew 9:37-38

John 4:35

Revelation 14:15

There is no greater ministry, than the ministry of Reconciliation ~ Ministry to the lost, the Dying, the Backslidden, and the Forsaken. We can come before our Father of Light in many gifts & callings, but we all............I say ALL ~ are called to bring the Good News out every moment that our feet hit the floor alive & awake. Our Gospel IS GOOD NEWS!!!

This garment has been fashioned of buttery soft Silk Charmuese.

All Hand dyed, knotted & sewn.

Approx. width - 48"

length - 55" add 12" fringe to that

**there are no armholes on this shawl**

There is an Amber Square sewn into the center, which represents our eternal home, the Kingdom, our Most precious & currently inhabited City ~ the New Jerusalem. It is for this, that He died & rose again. It is for this, that we preach unto men, the forgiveness of sins and reconciliation to God through the man Jesus Christ, nothing else.

Price ~ $ 159.00

GONE TO ITS' OWNER ~ 5.25.2010


Even so, Come Lord Jesus


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