Healing Waters ~

 Ezekiel 47


~ Mantle ~ Is a Garment which represents a yoke you are yoked to the Lord with. Back in the day, a double yoke was used for oxen. The Lord is our portion, and when we yield an aspect of our life to Him exclusively, we often become 'Mantled' as a result of it. In Him. It is always In Him. Hence, Matthew 29:11 ~


How beautiful are the feet of them who bring good news to the broken and torn.
A woman of God contacted me asking "Is there a garment for Mississippi?" After some period of time, Papa spoke ~"Healing Waters"~ and the colors Blue-Green-Purple appeared to my spirit eyes. All of the promises of Ezekiel 47 are declared therein.
This garment is fashioned in the tabernacle form of a perfect square 30 x 30" with 24" fringes. Fringe being folded turns adds an actual 12" to final length. The fabric is the lovely sand washed Crepe De Chine. Sides are open with tassel tie as is the front. It is a loose fitting garment for either a man or woman. Of course this one has gone to its owner.
A matching Threshing Matt came forth of the same name & purpose.
When He brought forth this garment , He spoke much about the Choctaw Indian blood on that ground. Even so, let the healing waters from His Throne...flow down....

All hand dyed, tied & knotted.
Made to order $124.00 ~

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