Holy ~ Cloak


 Ruth 3:9 ~ Ezekiel 16:8

An old wedding gown { if you know me by now, I have a penchant for wedding gowns & use them in my work alot}, was being cut up and found as the top area was cut from the bottom a sort of "skirt' appeared. Even if you would a sort of robe. Having cut it free wrapped it on my shoulders and voila! did hear Him say : " And when I passed by you 'again' & looked upon you, indeed your time was the time of love. So I spread my skirt {wing, bed covering} over you and covered your nakedness." How overwhelmed my heart was to find Him fashioning a template so indiscreetly, and yet so beautifully perfect. 
This garment is made of 100% cotton & is quite heavy. It is not a light cotton. There is a discrete but definite design/insignia @ center of the back which is captivating ~:o The photo does not show it well, though it was for this purpose the fabric was used. Shoulder area folds over becoming a 'collar' with 2 tassels hanging representing the only & great commandments of the New Testament.
Matthew 22:37-40 

There is a rose emblem sewn on this garment as well. All along the border inside & out is sewn gold & silver trim.

Shoulder width -approx.18"

Arm Opening ~ 12"

Length to floor - from shoulder approx. 58-60"

Sweep of skirt - 160"     

Price - $124.00 Sold

Kitten at bottom of skirt playing, not included! Her name is Ahava.

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