~ Intermission ~

Nov. 22, 2008


Hello to you, how are you today? Is it well with you? Have you come seeking a word of poetic rhyme? Perhaps transparency? Or maybe just to know that someone, I say someone................is as eccentric or disillusioned with all the clamor and confusion out there as you are?

Yes, me too. 

 ~ Selah ~

Thankfully, He has granted me a weee bit of insight to the creative womb that dwells in each of us. We ARE His body you know * smile*. And if we are the body, then we have a womb. God did not have a hysterectomy, or any kind of procedure that would alter His womb. Though the adversary would try to convince one of just that.

However, the intention is to update what has been more than a year of quietness on this page. Does anyone ever read these? I know not, yet for the sake of the quiet scribe who lives in me, I shall post...till He bids me no more.

It has been quite a year...and sitting down to bring up the page, noted the date of the last entry....and mused to myself at Papas' timing. Only He knows why that date is very special to me.

This past year took me on a turn that was quite unexpected, yet....not entirely without an inner knowing. I knew it would be coming, just not which path would ultimately be directed.

I am not feeling absolute release to share all of what has transpired. So will not post all of the goings on, because the 'body' still sees with its' own eyes instead of the Eyes of God. For if God is the Head, then why are we still looking through our own eyes? Understanding with our own seeing? Isn't this truly the case with most all things? Shall we say it began in the Garden! And has been happening ever since? Even in my own life, my own writings....many times, they pour forth out of a miss-alignment in vision. If I had truly seen or was seeing with the Eyes of God, then things would be Ooooooooo so different! Dare I say ~ Easier to accept? Go further Joann!...........Easier to understand * smile *.

Yes Daddy ~ Give me your Eyes so I can see!!!! Such a great song by our brother Brandon Heath. A good tasty candy bar from God!!! Hey give me a Brandon Heath Bar! Hehe! Couldn't resist. First time heard the song, knew it would be a hit, back in September.

And so, here is my Intermission , as I am led to share it. Be blessed and I do pray granted wisdom for your own 'Intermission'.


Seems there comes to each of us, a time or season when we need desperately to hear from Papa on a matter. In fact, it can get so bad that one is safe, simply to :  Be Still and know that I am God. That can be a very painful place, yet a needful one, for it is there where we begin to realize, there is no other way but His way. The other way brings death. Spiritually, morally, emotionally and not far behind is physically. One cannot come so far with God and then go it alone. He gives us so much of Himself and there is a point where He either must consume us or kill us. 

This is a truth. Not an opinion. We either surrender all or take back what's been yielded and go it alone. He will not have partial sons. Its total Son ship or no ship. There really is no middle ground, though He lets us fence the issue for awhile. And I for one, find that kind of funny of Him, cause we have no idea we are fencing....yet our walk does appear as if we'd been sitting on a pointy thing! Self will does have a walk, you get to notice it better once your own legs have been broken. After that, your step is softer and more guided...its as if...you know deep inside that each moment.....is a gift, instead of something you've earned. Once you live through it, you know................deeply............... that it was a school of learning & there will be more. And that makes it even better for the knowing, because He's the teacher and your the student. You show up willingly ~ He gives the topic for the class ~ You ask for more of the Spirit to be willing ~ He grants it ~ You follow hard after Him ~ You listen intently ~ You yield ~ You learn ~ You are blessed.

You begin to take on more & more of His image. His mind, His character, His heart.

Isn't that what we are supposed to be doing? 

It's a Cross.

And it can take a lifetime to carry one. Depends on the person. Some folks like to drag theirs around like its the biggest one ever made. Know anybody like that? Some folks like to stop, drop and shop. Trouble is, if the Spirit keeps moving, you've got quite a surprise when you pick yours up again after shopping. And then theres the folks that carry theirs like they should. Quiet, yet proud of Him.....that He would count them worthy of walking along side of Him in like manner, though certainly not anything like what it cost Him.

When He answered me way back on March 28, 2005, and gave me a word at 4am....I had no idea where it would lead me { does anyone really???}, yet I was grateful for His mind on the matter.

He said to me " Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord." 

That's all He said. And that was enough, coming from Him.

 It was 4am Easter morning, and I was awake in the living room after not sleeping much on our futon. 


*To be continued ~


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