Intermission ~ Continued

Dec. 28, 2008


Yes. It was 4am, on my way 'Home' to my parents for Easter, and God had spoken. Let me admit to you......I'd been asking Him to speak for quite some time. At first, years before He had said : "I would that you would stand still, nevertheless, I will not leave you nor forsake you." He said that to me while in a place of running water we all go to get cleaned. { Hopefully we are going there daily, folks!!!!Common now} When He said that to me, I was able to understand, that He was granting permission for me to go with my own self will, if I felt waiting was too hard....and that He would stay with me even so. He wasn't going to get disgusted with me and leave me. This was a powerful statement coming from my God, because I've had a gaping hole inside of me from abandonment & rejection.

Right there, at that moment, my heart made the decision to stay with God and wait on His will, way and words. And ~ I asked Him for the grace not to shrink back from it either. You know the scriptures say He takes no pleasure in one who shrinks back ~ Hebrews 10:38 ~ Not that He doesn't understand our weaknesses, but cowardess must bow if we are to become true sons & daughters. This is no walk in the park! We are being conformed to the image of Christ Jesus. Take heed, lest you fall for any and all of the doctrines of deception out there, or sadder, your own self affirmed will, way & word. Mark that carefully, we have apostles & prophets among us who have been shaped in like manner, giving words to itching ears. If  your ear is itching, then by golly, get the garbage out of it and fill it with a good dousing of the water of the Word!

So then, when hearing this at dawn, did take comfort and not really knowing its part of a scripture, tucked it in my heart, made my way out of the woods &  into the city for Resurrection day with my family My sister, who is a dear directional in my life, though younger than I, informed me  ~  " Oh hey, that's a scripture! Back in uhhhh......Exodus I think." Humph, I'd thought and got the bible out to find it. Sure enough, there it was and still is!!! forever will be too.......Exodus 14:13. "And Moses said to the people, 'Fear ye not, stand still and see the salvation (deliverance) of the Lord, which He will show you today. For the Egyptians whom you have seen today, you shall see them no more forever.'    March 28, 2005. 

Have you ever considered the dates, times & seasons of your life? Maybe because I journal & write a lot, it has been easier for me to recognize these things. But I've come to find God an incredible mathematician and very very much about dates. He is precise!!!! Even when we miss what He is doing. It's allllll being worked in & through His amazing clarity. So, with acceptance and great hope my load got lighter. When arriving home during my next morning quiet time, again He spoke being very definitive about what He would do for me. It gave me great peace. And the deep conviction I'd needed to simply carry on at my post. Which I did. He had said in words that I will not exactly quote because it was personal : That He would make all things new. He was going to give me a new this, that and the other. And He was doing it all for His glory not mine, but to know the word of the Lord this day and to Stand!

There is something to be said for coming to a place of accepting Fathers will, way & word. We can look through many stories in the sacred scriptures and find many times, I say many times........Papas word can often come in an unexpected fashion, but it always comes with promise & expected end! Thankfully, He didn't instruct me to go & build an Ark that would fit all my pets, belongings & such, cause He was going to float me right out of my circumstances..... but that I'd better get cracking cause the earth where I live would open up and swallow everyone around me in 5 years. Can you imagine God telling you something like that???? Of course not. That's why He doesn't!!!! You grew up leaving behind the imaginary place in your mind where God likes to hang out!!! It's ok though, we'll all get back to being childlike once the real trials & tribulations arrive. And then we will receive the kinds of instruction only children can receive. Because children trust their parents by nature. If a parent tells a child, we are going to ride the ferris wheel today, that child just accepts it as truth. What is it that happens to us and robs that from us? I think I know what it is. The Hebrew children were taught sacred scripture morning , noon & night. It was normal for them to 'just accept' what God said & did. Matter of fact, it was considered blasphemy to not accept. Look at Abraham, Joseph,  Noah, Daniel, the 3 Hebrew children and so many others.......where has this kind of trust in God gone??? Has it man? To mans teachings? To doctrines of man? To where has it gone? Total abandonment to trust in Abba? He is either my Father or He isn't! The word doesn't say anywhere that we out grow our heavenly Father!!! That we come to a place of having lived with Him long enough to know how to do it on our own! Time to move out now, Daddy, I can do it myself....on my own.  In fact, the more we live, the more we need Him. How profound, its bringing tears to my eyes & heart as I type

~ Selah ~

Wow, had to pause for a moment, sometimes I can write myself right into a box of tissues! Not I, but He. Oh Lord, help me to explain how trusting you has brought me into such freedom. Freedom that I'd though would come only when my outward circumstances changed. Yet, you taught me that its the inward man that must shift first...and that, back to you. To your gaze, to your embrace. Like the Fig, a flower that has turned inwards, and the blossom is actually the fruit inside. How beautiful a picture of our hearts in earnest trust and truth before Him.


Let us part on that wise for now


To be continued ~




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