Covenant of Peace

As part of a wedding gown, this silk/satin piece has been fashioned through dying, painting and fringes

Fringes are a regular addition to many things He creates here, and have often wondered why. Many people say its because there may be First Nations blood in me. Others have said that it represents the anointing that is overcoming & overflowing to His peoples in these last days I tend to think so too. The times are here that He spoke of, anointing without measure, young & old alike.

Dimensions ~

Long ~ 55"

Wide ~ 28"

Fringes ~ 24" folded/knotted to 12"

Shawl is hand painted & spirit dyed.

Backing is additional silk/satin spirit dyed

17 Gold Bells ~ for the 17 verses in Isaiah 54 ♥

Small Clasp at breast bone for closure if desired

$154.00 Sold

Available by Request

 Thank you and be Blessed!!!

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