~ Isaiah 54 - Shawl/Wrap

This garment came as a visionary number first before anything more unfolded :)

 {: I love hanging out with Him!!!:}

 '54' was all my eyes saw in the spirit, yet with a light color behind it. As revelation unfolded, impression came to me that a garment was to be made. A chosen piece of a long laid to rest gown became the coral background to a very happy & bright design. Which is the theme for not only this garment, but the chapter called by its name. All throughout rings the call to be happy & joyful who ' did not give birth'.....She is promised all glorious within & without, highly decorated gates & temples!! Figuratively speaking of her inner being.

A very beautiful wide beaded trim was hand sewn all along the border, capturing the rainbow colors throughout. Hand-cut & tied rainbow ribbon adorns the edges, with bells & tassels. 24 in all.

Vintage silk/satin approx. 4' x 2.5

$150.00 ~ Sold

By request, gladly!



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