Jacobs Generation Jackets

† † † ~ and whom will we praise when our world falls apart? when all of the treasures we've stored in our barns { hearts } can't buy the Kingdom of God?......

Jason Upton


This jacket was inspired by 2 things. One was a few sweatshirts my brother had gotten for us when he delivered on a soda truck in NY. All these years I'd saved mine wanting to make something of it......and here it is. My mom surrendered hers awhile back as well. These 2 are the only ones I know of. The company that printed them was forced to stop using the logo image :(
The second is a song called Jacobs Generation by Jason Upton. The song speaks about those who strive and how Father is wishing so much we would rest in His dreams for us, instead of our own. That we would not desire to be famous hoity-toity folks, but simply find our joy and place in knowing HIM....and whatever flows out from there ~ well then, let Pappa have the glory for it.
And so.... this jacket was going to be made & offered here on the site till my lovely friend inquired about the 'other sweatshirt patch'........and well........you know she made me promise if making her one, to keep mine. So, forgive us for coveting our coats....but hey!!..........we prayin for this generation!!!!

A price on something like this is very personal. Its best to discuss it over prayer & individual requests. You understand†
One requirement for custom orders of this kind is not placing a time limit on it. Pappa has His times & seasons it's best to try to be very sensitive to that ~ thanks!
***Special requests most welcome***


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