Keys to the Kingdom


Ah, yes............Has anyone seen my Keys?

Luckily a few Sisters, whom I loveeeee dearly in Houston, Texas & Hummelstown, Pa ~ reminded me :) Thanks, Ladies!!!!

Girls, don't take your sisters for granted or slight, cuz when you forget where your at or who your Daddy really is, they be remindin ya right quick!

When this design came to me from Papa, it was an intense season of breaking free, letting go and cutting loose of old patterns, molds, forms, trappings, foxes & ruts ~

Funny thing too, I had been perusing a trendy magazine while waiting for an appointment and a 2 page layout from Tiffany™ was open before me. The photo layout? 2 pages of key necklaces !!! My mind mentioned to myself, something intense is going on here in the spirit realm Cause even the world is running along side of it. I still have the pages having asked to cut them out ; )

This design also became a Prayer matt as well. I do believe there are Keys that Daddy is handing out to those who have the wisdom to know which doors to open and which to shut. it is not something we do without the humility & fear of the Lord. The kind of Power that is going to be released in the coming days is not for the faint of heart nor is it for the  boastful & proud †

it is for the Sons & Daughters who have been forged in the Fires of affliction and learned obedience through suffering.........that we may be Like him †



The shawl has been made of pure Black Silk Satin, folded so it is 'double' fabric, painted in Gold. there are 2 actual keys hanging from each end. the fringes are all hand cut & knotted, black & gold.



Shawl has been sold † 

Custom Order requests accepted!



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