Lasting Worth


I want you Beloved ~ To be the focus of my days....

You ~ more than all else

To be the 'central' of my gaze

All the worlds a glitter ~ all the titilating tempties

All the vices to fill the voids ~ In hearts and lives empty

Fill me once ~ and ~ crush all else

Fill me to overflowing ~ and release me from self

It really is You that I want ~ and so desperately need


My beloved Spirit husband

Heavens eternal seed

Ever advancing ~ always giving birth

Impregnate us ~ By your spirit

Give our lives

*Lasting Worth *

Be it in the city

Be it in a cave

Be it in a jungle

Or En-Gedi

Even bones in a grave!

Be it on a hilltop

Be it in lone woods

Be it on a platform

Teaching kingdom truths

But fill us with your Heartbeat ~ Oh God

Fill my blood pulsing with expanding girth

By your spirit my Father

Give my life

My heart

Lasting worth 







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