Lion Of Judah Cloak Mantle

 Isaiah 31:4 & 5  ~ Revelation 5:5 
Mantle ~  Is a Garment which represents a yoke you are yoked to the Lord with. Back in the day, a double yoke was used for oxen. The Lord is our portion, and when we yield an aspect of our life to Him exclusively, we often become 'Mantled' as a result of it. In Him. It is always In Him. Hence, Matthew 29:11 ~

Many years ago during the invitation to see in the spirit over Love & Company, one of the desires He imparted to me was for cloaks. As it is with many things, sometimes a vessel is a long time in the making. Such is Love & Company, such is me. This was the very first cloak I'd ever made and it is very special to Him for many reasons. Interestingly, it has gone to a woman who has become one of my closest sisters in Christ.

This cloak represents the strong, solid and singular anointing that is placed upon the Head of the body, being the one & only Jesus Christ † 

The light weight green wool blend speaks of life, intrinsically woven with brown, for His humanity when on earth. It has an emblem sewn inside that is a Lions Head Mane that my Aunt fashioned many years ago. Little did we know it would find its way from a lowly sweatshirt, to a prophetic mantle. Such is the Kingdom of God, we are all made from nothing, a puff of dirt and when this Lion breathed on us.............we became a living soul.

Ah, the wonders of God. Even so Lord, thou art gentle enough to kiss a butterfly and not even remove one speck of butterfly powder from its lovely wings.

Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, we listen for your roar that will finally cleanse the world.......from its self will.


$220.00 by request

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