Love Beams

Psalm 104:3

Song of Songs 1:17


Lord of my Life

Lord of my Heart

Grant it to Me

A brand new Start

Out with the Old

In with the New

All I've ever Needed

Can be Found

In You

Loves insincere

Loves grown cold

Love that never is bought or sold

Is the one for me

Yours is that and more

Help me step forward

Through the open door

N'er to look back

Not wanting to stay

Onward & upward

In You

Now ~ Today

Choices to be made

Forged in Time

Hammered together

Your Nails & Mine

Forever in Beams

From Heaven to Earth

Oh love that exhausts all others

Be my new Birth



(begun Jan 2011)

thank you Abba for helping me to heal from betrayal†♥ I love you my Bridegroom of Eternity



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