Love Never Fails

1 Corinthian 13:8

Prophet of Love

on four fluffy feet...

Never did my heart dream

You & I would divinely meet.

Called by name & brought to me from afar

Traveled miles from home

to be where you are.

`Twas long ago ~

In a wind swept season

My mind got loose...

and ran beyond reason.

Colors so beautiful...

Air so clean...

Run away..

Move away..

From memories so mean ~

Prophetess of Love

on four fluffy feet,

was it 91` or 92`...

that we did meet?

Matters not much

more important though,

these lessons of love

you've brought 


 helped me to know ~

Taught me of a Father

Who created all things great & small,

not one detail slips by Him...

He is aware of it all.

Love so tender,

Love so true...

Not in word spoken,

but faithful deeds

through & through.

By day & by night,

a more earnest friend 

I have not had.

~ Jesus appears in you ~

In the good ~

In the bad ~

Who would have thought the mighty on High...

Would teach lessons of Love

from a small dog,

brought nigh?

Incredible it may seem,

even more so unkind...

That my journey to you,

almost cost me my life

& all of my mind.

I sit here today by His grace

and merciful hand ~

With my prophet of love

in this dry & thirsty land.

Not greater friend is there,

laying down life for a brother.

Save Jesus & you...

There has been no

~ other ~

Walking me home,

I understand it now...

Your taking me to Daddy

your showing me how ~

To love & love again,

and then...

Love some more

To love & Love & LOVE....

and never...


the door.

Written & dedicated to Phoebe

A beloved gift from Father. He brought her to me with that name when she was 6 months old. Thank you Dad, for being so incredibly kind to her.......and me.

 Given to life ~ August 4, 1991 

Taken from life ~ June 13, 2006

He gives & He takes away

He gives & He takes away

It's not for me to say

But only to bless your name

He took her last breath in lovingkindness, we did not have to make that decision. 

Job 12:10 ~ IN whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.


If I may boast on the Lord in this matter. It happened that evening, as I went to stop in a pet store for betta fish food and left Phoebe home due to the heat. Came upon the cutest bunny my eyes ever did see........"May I hold him!!!" my mouth & heart blurted out. He was all brown with silver tips and fluff around his neck. "He's a Lion head Rabbit.........6 weeks old" she plopped him into my arms. The lil fella crawled up into my neck & hair. I was in love......and he was 25 dollars. "He's a special needs bunny"........the clerk warned me....."he will need to have his teeth trimmed for life, they are not going to line up."  "What's a Lion head rabbit???" I asked. "OOOoohhhhhh, she whirled around like a smoothy on a hot summer day, he's gonna be a gorgeous lil guy, he's gonna have a huge lions mane around his head!!! I laughed and saw Jesus in that bunny.

"I'll take him!!!!"

When I brought him home, Phoebe loved him, pushed him with her nose..........cleaned his lil fuzzy ears and went into full congestive heart failure moments later. She died at 12:22am.

She went home........

HEBREWS 12:22 

And the bunny.........

His name is JUDAH ~

*updated 12-14-2006*


Judah died this week due to unknown causes. He will be sorely missed, yet the gift he brought will last for eternity and that was this:

Judah means Praise, and through tragedy a little rabbit taught me to praise God, even in the face of death.

Thank you Pappa God, for you do all things well.

We also adopted another puppy dog this October 8 2006. His name is Justice Jehu . We think he's gonna be around for a good long while ~0:)


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