Hebrews 4:12 Oil †



Created by Holy Spirit to assist in preparing the spiritual womb for birthing......

One day while journaling, Father surprised me with something I had asked about some time ago. The question had been, "Father, is there a blend for L.OV.E. & COMPANY?" He answered some months later giving blend of oils in the order you see here, and with good reason. Of a truth, everything Papa does is with good reason, yes ~amen †
The prophetic symbolism of this oil is to restore the creative-heavens DNA - womb in His body. By design & order, each oil symbolizes an area of necessary redemption so that His original purpose for you can be expressed.




Oil of Joy ~ Death to self & its motives.

Pomegranate ~ Rooted & grounded in His love.

Cedar ~ Strength through intimacy.

Cinnamon ~ Holiness through oneness.

Frankincense ~ Absolute purity.

Almond ~ Spirit filled Life & Power.

Amber ~ Glory & Fire of His encapsulate presence.

Grape seed oil ~ Carrier Oil, fruit of the vine, He is the Vine we are the branches.

Artwork on the bottle was given to me a long time ago by Him & kept in my heart. Some years later, while describing it to a sister-artisan, she said, "I see it!!!..." Blessed enough, she sketched it & felt led to add to scripture verse Hebrews 4:12.
He impressed the artwork & scripture to the oil during its final blending & that is how the name came for it as well.

Art/Trademark , above left, represents:

Heart of God ~ His inexpressible Love ~ God IS Love.

Crown of Thorns ~ Surrendering humility of all Father gives.

Double Edge Sword ~ Word of God which divides the intents & motives of the heart from flesh & spirit.

A tiny cross sits inside the breast of the Sword by design.

In these things, we become vessels of His divine use & live in the canopy of His glory because.......we continually surrender all to Him†


Many graceful bows to my quiet friend, without whose help & prayers this oil would not have come forth, I love you♥

  And I love you Holy Spirit  ~ You are my very best forever friend & mid-wife †

As of December 12 2023 a some of the oils to blend this have become rare. It is with regret that the price is raised and are no longer offering the 1 oz bottle. If only by Special request ♥

Thank you for understanding †

1 Oz.                  $48.00 / NA
1/2 Oz.        $24.00 / $30.00  in 2024
 1/8 Oz.          $8.00 / $15.00  in 2024

A small card is provided with the details above  

so you may thoughtfully ponder using this oil †



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