Messenger of Fire ~ Kissed by Fire

~ Mantle ~ Is a Garment which represents a yoke you are yoked to the Lord with. Back in the day, a double yoke was used for oxen. The Lord is our portion, and when we yield an aspect of our life to Him exclusively, we often become 'Mantled' as a result of it. In Him. It is always In Him. Hence, Matthew 29:11 ~


Song Of Songs ~ 8:6
Ohhhh how I love this fabric!!!!! When going to New York do get as much as I can!!! It has a fantastic angora fluff to it and is reversible to make it even better.
The very first one made had so much work in it the price was unreasonable. Many people ask me for this, so prayerfully offer it to you men & women of God, who have not shunned the fire, but rather embraced it....finding it a glorious place of holy Love instead of fear. God's love is so pure, the very flame of it consumes all that is not of Him, thus when we become consumed by His fire we do not become pained, but set free....and incredibly so. It's a veryyyy beautiful kiss, none other can compare!!
All season light weight angora/wool blend.
A simple poncho sized 50 x 50 for perfection ~ Fire purifies & perfects.
Neck opening: 14-15".
Sides have ties for partial closure.
Full fringe on bottom 24" knotted in half adds an additional 12" to length.
All hand tied & knotted.
Flip it inside out for reverse

SOLD ~ 107.00 ~ REQUESTS ACCEPTED - inquire within

Bliss you ~

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