Sold ~ 4.8.09 ~ another being dyed as we Passover, Shalom!


Book of Joshua & Song of Solomon 4:11


At the time of preparing this fabric it was intended to be a another Psalm 68:13 Shawl. However, as with all things in Him, we walk by the Spirit & not the flesh! So after applying the bridal piece to the back and hearing Him whisper "Milk & Honey" ~ I turned gently and whispered back to Him.............."What do you mean??"

Recalling a conversation about those 2 very same words with a beloved friend of the bridegroom in recent past, called her post haste She expounded on this wise : That in the sacred scriptures there are 2 places where God speaks about this 'Milk & Honey'. How it represents His fullness towards those whom He declared His own....and the manners in which this fullness of His blessings come.

In the old testament, God promised a land that flowed with milk & honey as an inheritance to His faithful followers and obedient ones. { Note the word obedient} That land was apprehended by following the blueprint of God. See the book of Joshua. In essence, they had to 'war' for this land.


Next we see these words again, in a very particular spot. They are under the tongue of His bride in the Song of Solomon 4:11.

Milk ~ in Strongs concordance is translated to include the 'richest or choicest part'

Honey ~ is translated in no unlikely terms, yet 'gummy' / dripping'. Have you ever had words spoken to you or over you that 'dripped' and 'stuck' on you? For better or worse, we know that words carry & frame the atmosphere

It is here that we observe the true meaning that He is giving about this garment, and it is this:

That His bride is now warring and declaring those things that are not as though they were, FROM  A PLACE OF DEEP UNION AND INTIMACY Not a doctrine or teaching. She is married now, and what she says is as if He says it Himself. The 2 have become One. And just as His sword is in His mouth, so is Hers. It's a His and Hers sword!!!! Oh my heavens!!!! That just occurred to me and am leaving it as typed!!!! No more warring with our fleshly minds & teachings.

Glory! So you understand then yes?

This garment is fashioned from wedding gown silk/satin and has been hand dyed & decorated. The sleeves are 'dolman' style with a tassel on each for the 2 new commandments of the New Testament. Each sleeve edge is embellished with a silver & mother of pearl decorum prophetically speaking of wisdom, secrets and knowledge from the heavenly realm, where she lives & dwells IN HIM A vintage sterling silver sweater clasp is included for front closure as desired.


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