Missions Heart ~ True Religion

James 1:27

" Pure and undefiled religion before God our Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world."

This is a true linen fabric jacket. It has been hand adorned with rag-rug scraps for fringes on the end. Each fringe has a vintage black mother of pearl button sewn attached. The meaning ~ ? He chose the rag-rug pieces to symbolize those whose lives have been tattered, torn, walked upon, discarded & left for no use. These are those who are most likely to receive Him. 

Truth Lord. 

The pearl button represents 'sealed works'. There will be much grandstanding on that day. 'But Lord!!! We did this & that in your name!!!!!'

Only those things we see the Father doing will have mattered. Children, good children I should say, follow their parents example. Vintage trim down the center of the back marks the shape of His cross. At the neck, lies a small beaded bridal piece. 8 embroidered buttons close the front & 3 on each arm. The right arm has a bridal appliqué, as is true of His bride. She takes His hand and then he gives her His heart. Hearts are all over the jacket, jeweled ones & sewn. A small key & heart are hidden under the bridal neck piece †

Fringes ~ 24" heavenly Government

Shoulder width ~13"

Arm ~ 23"

Jacket neck to edge ~ 24" + additional 24" w/fringe

One Of A Kind

Price $158.00 + shipping


***GARMENT MET ITS' OWNER ~ 1/30/2010***






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