Ode To Psalm 46


Oh how they rumble

Hear how they roar

Threatening and boastings

of what's coming

what's in store ~

And the people they tremble

Frail people, they quake

Beloved mankind 

Of God who owns all

 that they make ~


Yet they see Him not

Nor hear Him

Day by Day

Though in the night seasons

He gathers a few

Gone astray


He walks the corridors

of satans lair

N'er sounding a word

But His Light

 ~ Shines Fair ~


Light in the darkness

Both are the same to thee

And the blind lead the blind

While weak prisoners

You set free


An humble heart

Thou shall not turn away

A broken heart


often stray ~


But the proud and the haughty

  Those self-righteous 


Will all find your other cheek

Is quite more

Than they could have seen ~


For the day is coming

Yes the hour is at hand

When Justice rolls like a river

From the throne

Of the Great

I AM ~


September 17,2006





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