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Due to the nature of the curious items presented by the Lord here, please confirm what you desire has not been purchased already. I do try to maintain a 'updated' presence on the web site for each item offered. But sometimes am out of town, out of my mind, working on a project intensely, talking too much to friends & loved ones, playing with my dog Justice-Jehu, at a conference/show or just plain soaking. Thank you for understanding and patience on that matter.

 This way, one can be sure of the availability of their prayerful desire without feeling that it may have been clicked & bought while they or me slept, talked to long, or couldn't figure out how to use the online shopping cart. ~:o

Yes ~ it's  ole fashioned  over here. Slow & steady Thanks!

Unless discussed otherwise, your order will be shipped within 2 working days IF presently available.

   Allow extra time if you need it post haste



1.   Print, then fill out this page with your desired request, personal info & enclose your check or money order for the entire amount.

  Please do summon your best handwriting for the task ! :)  


Send to : 


 P.O.  BOX 107

 Rowland ~ Pa. 18457


 OR ~ 

2. Use Pay Pal to send money for your purchase. 

Pay Pal accepts most credit cards. If you use Pay Pal,  use email : LOVENCO@LTIS.NET for sending payments to me. 

Nothing is shipped until payments are settled. Thank you for understanding!

You may call me and have a nice chat if you feel the need * smiles* 

{570}685-1881 * EST*  Not before 10am please, thanks!

Or ~ general email below




 No sales tax on Garments .

Please do add 6% tax for any other choices.

Shipping costs are in addition to any item and are as follows: 

All Garments ~ TBD - about 12$ additional, which includes insurance & delivery confirmation, sometimes a garment requires odd packaging and the postal service charges too much! I try to keep it minimum ♥ 

All scarves, Worship Silks & Anointing Oil Carriers ~ $ 7.00 additional includes delivery confirmation. 

Silk Flags ~ up to 2 together ~ $15.00 insured w/delivery confirmation, these always require the triangle box.

Heart Beats ~ $7.00 additional for shipping.

Holy Incense ~ Shipping is free for one set - charcoal & incense, add 6% sales tax., Up to 4 Sets ~ $7.00 + 6% sales tax.

Prophetic Anointing Oil ~ Love & Company Blend 6% Tax + $7.00 Shipping as many can fit in small USPS box

Most importantly, we can work it out. Papa desires His family to have their accompanying gifts, amen?






And then your personal info : Thank you !










 +++Note : All Packages are sent USPS . I do not use another carrier unless you specify and pay any additional costs. 

Please make sure you have made arrangements for your packages to be secure during inclement weather. Thanks!+++


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