On the 14th of Nissan,

at the 3rd hour of the day...

an high priest took a lamb

to the altar,

to slay ~


No one quite knew

the significance of this act...

performed throughout the ages

~ commanded ~

way back.


As with all things Abba does

not often understood...


This lamb was slain,

right in front

of the neighborhood.


On a pomegranate stick

roasted in the sun ~


This lamb was cooked

and the feast begun.



We must eat hastily

with our packs on our backs,

brought out of Egypt

we must never forget that.


Feasting for their freedom

while the world looks on & stares...


"Those Jews & their traditions

why should we even care?...

one day we'll be rid of them

as we plunder & devour this earth...

all of its' riches,

all of its' kingdoms



they are worth."


Feasting for their freedom

 oh Abba, help them truly know ...

The freedom that Lamb purchased

comes from their womb alone ~


And yet the world she scowls

desiring the wealth of

mere man...


while the Lamb of God

 who owns it ALL



to return...











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