Possessed by LOVE

All of God's Word!!!


This is a vintage beaded blouse. The name was spoken quietly while passing the blouse one day ~

Fringe, dripping down \, came to my spirits eye, representing the anointing pouring out Fringe has been cut @ 48 inches ~ a 'double' 24. 24 is the number of heavenly government/priesthood - perfection! having been made perfect in love :)

Translucent beadwork/sequins ~ represent the 'white' light of the Kingdom - White light carries in it the full spectrum of all colors.

White fringe 'arms' represent the true purity which we are called to reach out and love with ~ even to our enemies

12 Bells along bottom - ruling authority/ accessing the Fathers heart/

12 hearts - randomly embellished - represent * True Love*

A very loosely used word in the world today ~ However our Father has created ALL - WITH AND BY LOVE. The most powerful force in the universe ~ Forever

2 Keys - Love unlocks EVERY door on earth and in heaven.

22 - Transparent pink square glass beads adorn the waist {new Jerusalem/home is a perfect square, the waist represents the 'womb/belly' of God in humanity which is where all Kingdom is birthed} 22 is the number of Intimacy :0

Love ~ Forever!

One of a Kind

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