PSALM 68:13

Mantle Of Peace


"Though you have lain amongst the potsherds...."
 I had no idea what He was speaking about, but HE was speaking & very personally to me. Moving past a rack of project fabrics & garments, a woolen shawl treasured from a fabric hunt caught my eye........and my ears heard, 'Put the wings on there and decorate them with silver & gold."
{I get my wings from wedding garments!}

Immediately I was deferred from my direction & found on the floor beginning a new garment. It always happens this way!
The beginnings of this garment also began the transformation to the most present season of my life...which is intense healing, affirmation and deep deep rest. During the search for the words in scripture came to find them right there in Psalm 68....and wept....and wept. My terribly long and disastrous journey all these years was coming to a place of rest, settlement & establishment.
If one looks up the word "potsherd" you will find that it actually means the broken pieces of clay pots. And these pieces would be tossed outside the city gates in an heap.
It can be said of me, that most all of my life I had been living amongst very broken clay pots. Myself being one too. The word 'potsherd' is not used in every translation, but it offers the truest vision of what He is saying, that you will no longer be laying amongst the broken clay pieces. Nor will you continue to be one
As it happens with God, He is often speaking the same thing to others as well. So when Joanne McFatters new CD arrived and the first song on it was named Psalm 68 was so pleased to have a song to accompany the fashioning of the garment { it arrived mid- making} :)
This garment is approximately 4' by 2' and made of light weight wool.
I am happy to reproduce others, however, they will most likely be made of silk, crepe de chine or similar fabric. Please allow extra time as it will be hand made specifically for you.

"Though you have lain amongst the potsherds, yet shall you be as the wings of a dove covered with silver and her feathers with yellow gold."  this one has become my personal shawl.....I can reproduce others for a more reasonable cost...

 By Request




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