Refined by Fire

$338.00 Zechariah 13:9 & Malachi 3:2-3
~ Mantle ~ GONE TO ITS OWNER ~ 5.25.2010

 Is a Garment which represents a yoke you are yoked to the Lord with. Back in the day, a double yoke was used for oxen. The Lord is our portion, and when we yield an aspect of our life to Him exclusively, we often become 'Mantled' as a result of it. In Him. It is always In Him. Hence, Matthew 11:29 ~

Ah, the refining fire of God. Refiners fire....the gracious uncomprehendable love of God, that purifies the vessel which desires to be His own hot love. This brand of refinement does not come from a of 'fill in the blank'......nor from gleaning behind fine men & woman of God.
This brand of refinement comes from one thing ~ A thing that is so rare, so ghastly, that men have spent generations building doctrines to oppose it...yet scripture, I say Holy Scripture, speaks of it time & time again, over & over in both Old & New testament.
It is both precious and rare ~ ruthless trust in Abba Father, in His all knowing, all orchestrating, every bit of tiny detail in your vapor of life & the recklessness of it at times, all the while ~ trusting that EVERY moment is under His watchful eye and hand of protection.
Will you stand still? Can you trust Him? will He fall asleep? What if.....

Refined By Fire ~ Zechariah 13:9 Malachi 3:2-3
Fabric : Silk Brocade
Dimensions: 60" L x 60"W
Neck opening is 12" Front & back design are the same.
At the edges of the arms a black w/silver shimmer chain has been sewn on to speak of the chains that have been broken in this fire, and also of the power in His might this one wields to break chains as well. All of the fringe has been hand cut and applied. The sides are open to under arm, fashioning a man or woman well. At the neck the fringe has 'turned gold in the fire'. While the fringe on the arms has become white, speaking of purifying the works of the hands/ministry.


Made by Request † allow 3-4 weeks

As always this garment comes with a lifetime repair promise, should it ever need be...

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