Remnant Bride ~ Vestment 

Matthew 22


A special request from a dear friend & intercessor. She had seen the original and said, "But I want mine with sleeves."

Gently explaining to her that the sleeves were a very prophetic part of the garment, we agreed to let Holy Spirit do His thing!

As you can see, the rags are still there, only attached in manner which gave sleeves, yet still reminded about the most important ministry to the forgotten ones the ones of His Heart

The inside back holds the handwritten chapter of Matthew 22, and one who reads it fully can understand why today's 'qualifying' list doesn't measure up for those who wish to 'belong' in the Kingdom of Eternity.

Alot of the embellishments speak personally about  the owner, such is any special request

Abba arranged for the receipt of this during a Betrothal  Conference, how appropriate






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