Remnant Bride Vesture

$424.00 Via Donation to Orphanage Only Private Collection
Remnant Bride ~  Vesture of Truth Matthew 22 

Front View

A very old & cherished denim vest became the teaching instrument for my stumbling walk of 22 years thus far. How weary I do grow of all the pomp & circumstance my brethren make of 'being called'......'being chosen'. Forgive me, however harsh it may seem but the harlots & winebibbers may just receive a better seat than most. It's a matter of the heart not the call. Many are called. Few are chosen. My own life has been one of such awful stumbling, it was once the hardest thing to believe Papa could love me, never mind use me.
Time after time, I fell, dived and just plain sank into the traps that were set for me before my life began & well after. It is only now... that He is really getting deep into me ~ rewriting my mind & emotions. So when the desire came to embellish this vest, I knew its name immediately:
Remnant Bride
Her life made up from tattered & torn pieces only He could sew together to fashion a Vesture for the wedding feast. And so it is with us.....only He..... can take the most torn & life scarred individual, slip a signet ring on them, wrap them in a hand sewn garment ~ then invite them to be served.........BY HIM.
How beautiful.........that my Bridegroom is not interested in being served on His own wedding day.....but insists on serving.

TEARS ~ Oh my dear there ANYTHING I can do for you at all????
"No my precious love, I simply desired since before the foundations of the earth.....that you join me on my special day."

Now I'm crying!
This vest is not for sale as usual.
If you desire one, the only requirement is that you make the 424.00 donation to an Orphanage of your choice. Please forward the full info as proof & I will prayerfully fashion one for you all costs covered. It must be an Orphanage. You can find a link to a world-wide list of Orphanages on the Love & Company links page titled "True Religion/ Pick One". Please allow 3-4 months for the making.

Most all the embellishments are vintage & wedding pieces. Yours will be designed for you... man or woman. He knows how. On the inside the whole of Matthew 22 is written on kid soft leather & hand sewn in. The arms symbolize her being able to reach out to the most broken & unwanted, thus the rag-remnants for sleeves. It's one of a kind, yours will be too.
My own vest has been fashioned of my personal wedding gown, cut up, as an offering, praying that the brides betrothal to her bridegroom far supercedes anything we could have had on earth.
And it shall.


****P.S. 2 Destanie, you wear it well...............the world has nothing on you daughter of the Most High God.........R.O.C.K. on † luv ya 


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