Revelation & Truth ~ Shawl Wrap

John 16:13 & Revelation 1:1&2

This garment has been many years in the making ~ On & off He would bring to work on it as if He wanted to burn its meanings into my very being

It began as a beautiful skirt, which I dismantled and refashioned according to spirit. The first time eyes on it ~ He spoke the name "Revelation & Truth"

Often Spirit does this. Calling out and Identity before it's even formed. Whether it be a garment or a person.

14" fringes folded to 7" ~ all hand cut & knotted, the yarn was named purposed!!

14 = salvation or deliverance

7 = divine perfection

Antique trim along edge ~ speaks of the ancient paths ~ Jeremiah 6:16 ~the way of peace & rest

12 bells ~ represent authority - ruling, preistly,devine.

While pondering to Him about the fabric & it's name I curiously said "Why?"

and He replied - " Because truth without Revelation is law ~ and revelation without truth is only imagination."

Oh! ok daddy!

2 Keys ~ one each of the 2 scriptures this garment represents. 

Rev 1:1&2 / John 16:13

Lastly but certainly not least, the fur collar.

Yes, it is  very real and speaks of great wealth For when you have heavens Revelation & Truth, you are rich & wealthy beyond compare

One of a Kind

Will fit most anyone, it is very generously sized and has 12" arm openings

$178.00 Sold

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