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 The designs below have been spontaneously created during times of worship, prayer & adoration. It is so wonderful when He inspires during times of intimacy. Prophetic creativity is not something that can be taught, mentored or copied.....but simply becomes an expression which flows out of fellowship with the blessed holy trinity. Prophetic expression reveals the Fathers heart to us! Coming through  Holy Spirit during these times.  It is here we are truly inspired & used, by Him....without He gets all the glory, as He should!

and this child...simply loves to 'color'   ♥

Luke 18:17

Be blessed...


*Some 'fotos appear fuzzy', it's because of initiating the thumbnail, clicking on it brings a nice view. Thanks!

                      Each flag spirit inspired & painted on beautiful Habotai Silk  includes an appropriately decorated handle  ♥  Inquire for availability or having them made up for you  ♥ Because this is a spirit led creative force, requests are approached individually and created as such   ♥ Sometimes you might get a lil extra zip, zap or pafoozle with your order. It is all up to Him. 

*** Most of the flags in view are already SOLD, but am happi to make them for you when requested. Please give me 7-10 days from request to arrival!!! thanks so much   ♥


Your Kingdom Come

 *revelation of His Kingdom* a half sphere flag

My Garden of Delight ~ A half sphere flag, beautiful in worship

(is what He spoke to me of this request)


BreakThrough Intercession ~

 A set - custom requested

Sword Not of Man ~ Wall Hanging/Flag

* there is the form of a man in this, look closely, see His strong arms - Yeshua  ♥


Harvest Sickle

a heavier silk/satin for a good 'snap' approx. 35 x 40


Receiving Fathers' Heart

Ezekiel 36:26

The plumb line has been dropped, which side will we find ourselves on? Lord God of heaven and earth, give to us your fiery heart. Something sincerely asked for, yet are we willing to accept His heart? It really is so unlike ours.
Flames of love engulf the whole heart as one side represents Fathers heart and the other is our self willed. The flag is designed to be held with the hot side closest to you...and the dark side away. Its' handle is placed so during worship it is 'pulling' in the heart of God & pushing out the hard heart.
The scepter/sword is the dividing line between the 2. Please allow a lil time for this flag as it is painted according the spirit for you :)

 Gold Dowel with heart string to loop around pinky. The pinky is the 'teacher'. We must be taught of the spirit, not of man.
45 x 45"



Heart Aflame ~ Sealed by Fire 

Song Of Songs 8:6

Song of Solomon 8:6
We cannot truly proclaim it till we've lived it!!!!! Oh TRUTH Lord, truth!!!
How can one express the fiery heart of a souls overcoming gladness??? "Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ become obedient unto death........even the death on the cross."
Now the Lord has not called any of us to die on a cross (yet), but He has called us to die to ourselves and our selfish desires.
To set HIM AS A SEAL UPON OUR HEARTS.......that nothing and no one take first place before HIM.
Let this mind be in us...................and the rest of our body will follow, albeit kicking now & then...........but it WILL follow!
SOS 8:7
Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it.
 44 x 33"



Apple of His Eye

~ You Are ~


Psalm 17:8



Lord you have blessed me from the inside out....even as this picture came forth. First on paper, then on silk. While listening to a worship song named Apple of His Eye, dropped to my knees in tears ~ grabbing some pastels, paper and my broken heart, began just recklessly coloring with a black pastel......literally.....and this design is what came out. They say children's' inner emotions can be expressed in the colors they choose and pictures they draw.....well this was the holy spirit expressing what Abba sees in me. It blesses me so much whenever looking at it.........and was the beginning of a tremendous time of deep, deep healing in my personal life.
May you be equally blessed by it as well & all of Psalm 17. By the way....some folks agree that 17 is the number for Victory.

30 x 45"




Fire of Love w/Hidden 2 Edge Sword

Song of Songs 8:6

Originally came forth on May 16 2005.
With 16 being the number for Love
1 John 4:16
Ezekiel 16:8
How well this heart recalls the coming forth of this design. It came as a technique which, when done correctly, brought forth 16 'points' of what appeared like arrows hidden in its design on 5-16-05. The date itself is so prophetic, let the reader understand.
Now this flag has been re-designed by the spirit and given a hidden 2 -edged 'sword'....if you look closely you can see it. It just simply appeared...and continues to appear in each successive flag reproduced. While no 2 are ever identical, this seems to be a consistently revealed addition to this design.
May God alone receive all the glory for it.
**Some people have asked for different versions on the colors, Lord willing, they are accommodated.**

45 x 45"


Grace Like Rain

Job 38:28

"Hath the rain a Father? or who hath begotten the drops of dew?"
Ah, yes............rain has a Father, and His name is Grace. He who sits in heaven rains down His goodness on us through so many varied venues, all the web sites of the world could not contain them.
This flags' backdrop color is lavender...........lavender is said to be the color for 'exuberantly generous'. It just kind of happened that way, you know? Then the drops of precious blood came...........along with the drops of gold. It is a lovely flag that calls forth the sovereign Lords grace without which, none of us will stand.
*Thank you Todd Agnew for this beautiful song, which in turn inspired this flag* God bless you my brother.............God bless you real good ♥

 45 x 45"


Faithful & True

Revelation 19:11

We cannot say enough about His goodness can we? At least this daughter cannot. He is EVER faithful, EVER true. Thinking about the Father, blue always come to mind. This is a simple flag yet a needed reminder.
"Let nothing keep/corrupt you from the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus." 2 Corinthians 11:3
God is good to us..........but not because we deserve it. Its because that's who HE IS.
9 Beautiful feathers - for fruits & gifts ~ Real feathers from my beautiful birds (as they molt of course, they are not yanked out for the flags, heavens no!)

Approx 30 x 48"

Freestyle $50.00




The Way The Truth

 The Life

John 14:6

This prophetic proclamation was impressed through a drawing in worship. The colors blue, green & yellow kept coming forth. The name was there almost instantly. There is a small gold cross in the center that speaks of the way, the truth & the life. Blue is for the faithfulness of His heart, even unto death. Yellow is for the victory in that death to self which in turn brings forth  ♥  A simple but avoided preaching. We must get back to the cross, the unselfish motives of the heart, the giving without expecting in return. Get back to a love for the truth * which is actually JESUS. A love for HIM, instead of knowledge, revelation, reputation, riches, health & wealth.* It is for truth He came and for truth He will return again. Father of light & life, give us the heart of faithfulness, even unto death, that we might be sons & daughters of the living God, in whom there is no guile.

45 x 45"




2 Edged Sword

Psalm 149:6

"Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two edged sword in their hand...." This design came about over the past 2 years and had its beginnings in the Fire of Love flag. As time and His creative force  waves on.... a sword begins to come into view through this design and most recently are now seeing a wheel within a wheel also! It was good to note as well, Chuck P. giving us the word about this Hebraic year(2006) being the year of the "Clash of the Sword of the Lord."  This does not mean we are to go about slicing peoples ears off or cut thier unbeleiving hearts out Peter!!! But rather always speak the truth  in ♥.The flag can be made in most any color combination. Some orders that have gone out already have been - blue /purple ~ red/purple ~ silver-gray/ white ~ red/orange. Possibilities are endless, as are His ways  ♥

Other color requests below, some with amazing Spirit nuances!

45 x 45"

$60 for 2 colors, $75.00 for 3 -  4

hebrews412.jpg (421100 bytes)  Silver & Black

Blue Heavens with Ark of Covenant on edges!

005.JPG (175830 bytes) For West Va. more nuances of awe

Wheel Within The Wheel

Ezekiel 1:16

45 x 45"




006.JPG (175242 bytes)

004.JPG (166555 bytes)


Wheel Within the Wheel

Ezekiel 1:16 * such an awe inspiring revelation of His Chariot and how His Throne is transported in travel. Too mind expanding for me, yet this is what you are declaring when this silk is billowed in worship  ♥     This was a special request for W. Va.

45 x 45 $60.00




Vortex.jpg (388293 bytes)



*Personal Request*



John 15:22

 Approx. 35" x 45"



 ~ All sizes are approximate ~  

Prices are subject to change without notice and reflect a 'per item' (1 each) price.

Shipping and Insurance are extra & explained on the 'order' page.

 Again, most Silk Worship Flags are created when requested.

  Please allow ample time when ordering ~ thank you.

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 ~ The Lord bless you, keep you & stir up your creativity for His glory ~ 


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