Snow Sugar

Way past midnite ~ covered in snow white

Sugar falling from heaven ~ purifying any leaven

Ohhhhh it's so deep

Making absolutely still

Beauty of a snowstorm

In the forest ~ on a hill

How do I love thee?

let me count the flakes

Impossible ~ Unimaginable

To tell the One who makes

Circumstances past wisdom

Curious creatures humble in the way

Humans who mess up altogether

Yet ~ you love us

In your snow fall array

No two are the same

Each a prism of craft divine

Snow flakes falling

Snow sugar piling

all around this life & heart of mine

Snow white ~ Moon bright ~ Past mindnite

How does His garden grow

With tender care

Far away from snare

In His loving arms

Below ♥♥♥



Hapi Valentines Day Abba - I love you so much




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