Snowfall of the Heart

There is stillness

 That only a deep winter snowfall

Can bring

A glistening ~

Whitened beauty

This can make even a tainted heart

Sing ~

Coating each dark outline

With a powdery

 Sugar white

Add a cold moon lit sky

And a stark silent night

Nothing but the soul and snow

 Facing each other there ~

The snow speaks of wondrous cleansing

To cover

 What has been laid bare

Darkness cannot hold you

In a ‘snowfall of the heart’ ~

Even the vilest sinner


At the offer of a new start

“Though your sins are scarlet….

I will wash them white as snow…”

There is a love that is deeper

Than any

Your flesh will ever know

A love born of spirit ~

Affection older than time

Time dissolves in everlasting…..

Eternity says “You are mine.”

It’s His snow ~

From His heart ~

Those are….

Tears from Heaven

Up above

They’ve transformed into snow…

 On their way to earth & those

 Forgetting their first Love

And you ~

When you see His snow

Covering all around

Silencing all

 Gracing once sacred ground

Know they are tears from heaven

Turned ice and crystallized

A Fathers heart love full of tears

 Meets His earth

In pure white snowflakes

From His very own



You can never escape a Fathers Love…………..come home, you beloved of Him, come home.




12.14.2013 ~ written as the snow blankets the earth in northeast……

J♥ 10PM



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