Threads of Gold


I lie awake upon my bed

Thoughts of you beholding me near

Why…..can I not be comfortable here?

It’s you my heart wants ~

You my heart wishes ~

All these tattered threads have made incomplete finishes’†

None could have told me nor whispered fine truths

All winds have wrought me thru your divine sleuth

Scattered & torn

Broken bit bruised

How can any of this…..even be used?

† † †

Sparkles appear ~ as if on heavenly air


Almost invisible

Yet suns glinting on them fair

Swirls of light ~ orchestrating rhythms

Movements & sounds

Some being hidden

Giggles & laughter

Childlike squeals of joy

Clasped hands in wonder

Eyes watch the Devine ploy

You reverse evil intentions

What brought a life deep heartache & pain

Suddenly almost mysteriously

  Each loss transitions into gain

What once was lamented, tattered & old

Spun wondrously

Weaved marvelously

Into supernatural

Threads of Gold




4 – His number for creation

16 – His number of LOVE * John 3:16 & 1John 4:16

13 – Divinity one hundred fold




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