ROMANS 8:35-39

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When hearing these words in reference to a garment ~ I knew it had to be a bridal piece ! Also that black would be one of the colors.

Choosing black & pink for colors : Black for the black spots that are  still found in our hearts after we come to Him. 

Pink for white & blood red blended. White for His pure Love which He loves the world ~ Blood red for that which He poured out. Pink ~ the color of His love.

A Bridal Satin, spirit dyed, was surprised to find it finishing somewhat lavender/blackish. I recall reading in The Priestly Bride, that the angels of His presence are robed in lavender robes. Can it be the lavender represents the angels that are always watching over His loved ones, who are stumbling {black} towards Papa?

Only Spirit knows, as it is spoken that he searches the depths & mysteries of Daddies heart. Some things about the garments will never be interpreted except by the one it was made for.

It took a long time to visualize the finished shawl ~ As he was speaking very personally to my own heart during this time.

The collar is real Mongolian Lamb, having been cut from a personal fur coat. The whole teaching on calling us lambs speaks clearly for itself.

A Greek Key trim pattern chosen was difficult to understand and each time I attempted to not use it, the more firm it became that it was to be used!!! After doing some searching, come to understand fully :

A Greek Key symbolizes the  " MEANDER THEME ", which literally means ~ without beginning or end! Now isn't that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE???

No particular size on this, it is loose fitting and would most likely fit anyone.

One of a Kind

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