Beautiful.....isn't it? Just the thought....brings every line of tension --------snapping ~~~~releasing a soul...a spirit to be free.

And that is precisely what  Jesus, Messiah, Yeshua died for......

Have we forgotten His death? The horrible beatings? The abandonment from everyone?????

There is NOTHING you or I have gone thru that He has not felt.

Nothing that Katy Perry has gone through that He hasn't felt or had compassion for †

Here we have a woman, who is born of  spirit filled parents in a large sphere of influence....who have at one time publically called her a child of the devil.

In times past, I've paid mild attention to her....but have watched her go from outlandish .....to finding real  love in the earth.

Yet there is nothing that can fully..... heal a broken heart or spirit.....

Only One†

 And once, like her......

My heart, soul  & spirit ...

were so badly broken, fractured & crushed

 .....it seemed as though my life would never recover†


The Holy Spirit brought my inner gaze back upon this One.... whose Love.......♥♥♥ no one can fully express†


We can only, like little sponges, hope to absorb all we can....and be blessed when someone squeezes us, then we soak them too.♥

This song ~ came to my attention at a moment when Abba  was searching * pause*  depths inside me... hovering over wounds that I cannot even speak about, much less revisit * tears*....His searching  eyes put me into a tailspin and sent me backwards, tripping, stumbling, falling...†

I did not know.....

....until it happened.....that Papa wanted to 'sing' over this area of my heart♥♥† and in order to do that, had to illuminate His light over such caverned places .....while I was not completely focused about them.

And sing He did..............this song played over and over and over and over and over and over and over in my heart, head, soul & spirit....until that area was literally SOAKED with this song...and my whole being♥

 It was inescapable!

 Words fail me to comprehend what has happened.....

But I feel definably different inside there♥ and kinda all over♥

Much to my amazement!

*Bliss happy smile*

Why did He use this song rather than another? Maybe even one written by an anointed 'Christian' artist?

Because He can♥

Because it's the one He chose†

Because dats what Daddy wanted to use!♥

Because Abba continues to use the weak things of the world to confound the wise♦

 Because Katy Perry is a gifted songstress who will one day sing for Abba from her heart†

I do declare!

Selah ~

As for Katy Perry and her faith......I am praying for her ( join me!) .....she's a great vocalist with a true gifting. More than that, I am praying for her parents that this song will check them deep and that God will use it to show off His Love.

 Her song resonates with me. All my life, I've searched for the same thing she has and it escaped me or burned me brutally every single time. I am happy for her! Of course, there are aspects of love in the earth that are not acceptable for spirit filled folks, like sex outside of marriage or having an 'open' marriage. But I am not addressing that here.

What I am addressing is God's wonderful amazing way♥ of using unexpected things to bring us the gift of His Healing Love♥♥♥♥

Most especially when the amazing way is one we wouldn't think He would use♦

Isaiah  55:8-9♥


So put that in your stuffed shirt eh? and don't be wise in your own eyes♥


Thanks Daddy! I love you so much..........please bless Katy Perry with salvation full & free.

December 28,2013

*The video for this song was clean enough to watch through completely*


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