Vessel in the Fire

$124.00                  Matthew 3:11  Tabernacle Garment

~ A Tabernacle garment is one which represents the New Jerusalem, a perfect square. Did you know Daddy is a fine mathematician??? Oh yes!  So these garments are an offering in name, to those who will make up and fill the beautiful city.~ 

Seems as if we desire the fire or we loath it ~ But God will have us refined or useless for Kingdom purposes. Some folks think 'Oh, I've been through the fire, I'm ready now.' I'm laughing because in my heart said the same thing on a few fiery occasions..........~;0 Incidentally, we are supposed to live in it! Not just visit now & then. One is to be consumed, not burned.
Fire is good, so is salt and neither is any good if they've lost their original intent. Salt for the cleansing and fire for the purifying.
This garment is fashioned as a 'cube'. 30x30" A square represents perfection, as in the New Jerusalem. Being a Tabernacle garment it represents a season or time one is in. Silk Velvet creates the most beautiful designs with Shibori technique and I love them.
Fringes add another 12" as they are 24" but folded.
Made to order, just like your fire :)
$124.00 shipping & ins. included.

Bless you  ~

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